Measure for Measure

Balancing the Nothing and the Something is a key part of the Wisdom of Liberation.

King Solomon said, “The wise person understands the results of their actions.” There are many levels to this. If you eat junk food, you lose your health. Obviously when considering food, there are many that are unwise. This is a simple example.

In going deeper we have to consider, “What are the results of our actions?” We must be attuned to the karmic results of our actions. The Torah says, “Measure for measure.” If you do A, then B results. Wisdom is knowing the results. Once you know the results there is a wisdom in not acting in certain ways that are not going to yield the highest results.

If one eats consciously, lives consciously, and does things that expand consciousness at every step, one will naturally reap expansion of consciousness. I personally think this is a good investment. The wise person understands the implications of their every move and is tuned in to those implications.

If our thoughts are based on the natural human emotions of peace, love, satisfaction, compassion, and unity, then all our expressions are reflections of foundation. This creates levels of wisdom in our lives. In the process an act of peace may seem harsh if we don’t see the whole picture. An act of love may appear harsh if we don’t see the big picture. An act of aggression may appear sweet. It is important to see the multiple levels and read the meta-communication.

One of the hardest things is to sort out the temporal from the absolute. We may think our principles (which are temporary as all thought is) to be absolute truth and to act on them. This happens everywhere. People are killing each other in the name of their beliefs, rather than seeing the bigger picture.

We often confuse the temporal with the absolute, and act as if the temporal is absolute. The temporal reality is the evolving reality of our lives, and the absolute reality is that there is only One; there is only That.

How do we relate to the temporary in a way that always reflects our knowledge of the absolute? This is a great spiritual challenge. This is the razor’s edge, and keeping this in mind allows us to continue the evolutionary process. How we speak; how we act; and how we think all reflect our understanding.