May Peace Be With You

The Essenes historically said, “May peace be with you”, as the highest prayer or way of wishing well for people. For them it had a variety of meanings. The highest meaning was to dissolve into the Divine, knowing that you and the Divine are no longer separate and are eternally one. When one knows that it changes how one lives their life. Whatever is happening is the play of the Divine, which we are a part of. In essence, we become merged with the Divine will. When you merge with the Divine will, there is no you left. When there is no you, there is no resistance to the eternal peace that we are. The great peace means that we are no longer in the illusion of I Am-ness. We are no longer in the great dream of there being an I am that is separate from the Divine. There is just simply the will unfolding.

In that process, we have an immergence of Koach Mah, which means the Power of What. All that we do becomes sanctified. Through peace, all of creation becomes sanctified through our actions and we are lifting it back into the heavens. The Koach Mah is a power within all things. We celebrate that power and through that Divine will, we sanctify the physical plane and lift it back into the heavens. That’s where the meaning of peace begins to pervade everything else. In the midst of all that, the Koach Mah has a limit to it. What we are talking about is that we begin to understand that everything arises out of the nothing and then returns to the nothing. It is only for a short time that Koach Mah is something. We refine our perception by understanding that there is a flux in the universe.

When we are able to perceive it in a way that is elevating, we become part of the flux and know our oneness as constantly being part of the nothing, and coming out of the nothing. This is Koach Ha Me Da Mah. We are no longer in the illusion of the idea of something separate from the Divine. That is a very powerful way to be. What that leaves us with is living in a way that sanctifies and honors all of creation. The great peace is living in a way that is sanctifying all of creation and reunifying it back into the heavens. There is a Hebrew prayer that we say which is about merging the heavens and the earth. This is really the great work from an Essene point of view.

It is also the play of the Tao. When one is in the Tao, there is only the unfolding of the truth of the Divine in your life. You are simply that unfolding. When you rest in that unfolding there is peace. You are not going anywhere. It is already unfolding. When we talk about spiritual life and liberation we eventually see that the language is paradoxical. The great peace is being at peace with what appears to be but what really isn’t. The paradox is that Ma (the what) is for the evolution of our consciousness, and yet it really doesn’t matter at all. The great peace also means the ability to live with the paradox. When we look at that, we see that one of the lifestyle roles of the Essenes as expressed in the ancient Kabbalah was to receive in order to give. The mystery of giving is to give out of the nothing with awareness. We will end with a question to ponder. How do you give out of the Nothing with awareness?