Live Food Boosts Immunity

fotolia_81433137When we are healthy, the immune system naturally follows suit.  To feel energized and ready to tackle on whatever the day may bring, we rely on our immune system to keep us healthy and going strong. A strong immune system fights off viruses, heals wounds, keeps you awake and alert, and attacks anything trying to harm the body.  Fight off illness by protecting your body with food, one of the best preventative medicines.

Overstimulation of the immune system multiple times a day by ingestion of cooked food is definitely an ongoing stress on the system.  General Health Data indicates that vegetarians have a lower incidence of chronic disease as well as superior health, vitality and endurance. Additionally, live-food vegetarians do not suffer from the over-stimulation of the immune system by regularly consuming cooked food.

One of the major ways raw foods help boost the immune system is that it keeps us healthy via detoxifying and naturally cleansing properties. There are specific immune factors in raw food, such as the gibberellins and abscisic acid, that help support the immune system.

Another important point to consider is what live-food vegans are actually leaving out of their diets.  White sugar is known to depress immune system. It’s also one of the main foods avoided by those who eat raw.  According to some studies, after ingesting approximately 75 grams of sugar (the amount in two cans of regular cola or one large fast food-size soft drink), after 30 minutes cause a 50% drop in the body’s white cell ability to counteract invaders. And that’s just for a start!  Clearly, the more sugar you eat, the harder it is for your body to fight off those cold and flu viruses and the bacteria that cause secondary infection, such as sinus infections, bronchitis and certain types of pneumonia.  The raw, living food diet excludes white sugar and corn syrup, two of the worst offenders.

Hope these tips help ward off those winter blues!