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Dear friends,

My larger world mission and vision to awaken global consciousness is transitioning to the next and much needed cycle for enlightening humanity. I frequently teach the importance of knowing and living your dharma, or right action, in accordance with the Divine flow, and living in alignment with cycles of Divine timing in one’s life. This cycle has opened a new direction and provided a larger and different platform, allowing me to reach millions of people. This will require all my focus and energy directed toward a significantly greater impact on the global community.

While I’ve been working non-stop as a holistic physician for 44 years, 33 years ago, the Divine directed me to start the Tree of Life Foundation and create a holistic health, organic, veganic, live-food eco-spiritual community in Arizona to bring the total holistic, sustainability message as a living experience. Shanti joined me 18 years ago and has been an integral part in this shared life mission.  The Tree has been extremely successful in achieving its overall purpose. The community served as a platform to share my teachings, which have helped and inspired those people from 127 different countries, who have attended Tree of Life programs.

The humanitarian funding, which we began seeking in 2008, is now coming through for us to begin our next major phase of world service as the expansion of our international humanitarian and educational projects. This expansion will allow us to serve hundreds of thousands around the world.

As part of this expansion I will be increasing the frequency of my weekly Facebook Live streaming events and YouTube recordings to more actively bring these holistic teachings to the world. More energy will be going into expanding our international teaching workshops, our Essene Ministries, as well as developing and expanding our international humanitarian programs. Below is a list of the humanitarian projects and contributions to date:

  • Spiritual and nutritional lectures in over 40 countries…
  • 17 budding humanitarian Diabetes Prevention programs in 11 countries, from 5 West African countries to Mexico to Brazil to Bali to Papua New Guinea…
  • 13 books on spirituality, spiritual nutrition and the organic, vegan, live-food lifestyle…
  • Smaller varied projects in 11 countries – fresh water wells, orphanages, organic veganic farms, etc…

Additional to all of this, we will be expanding Dr. Cousens’ Online Store by including valuable nutritional education materials through newsletter articles, blogs, and videos. I have spent a great deal of time researching the highest quality products to aid in healing. I will now have time to do more active educational and teaching outreach to expand it.

Because this expansion will require much more time, focus and energy, we have made a major life service decision. We plan to discontinue all Tree of Life Center US workshops and programs on November 4th, 2017. I will maintain my medical responsibilities to my clients, by continuing consultations with existing clients, some of whom I have been supporting for 44 years. We will also continue to hold and encourage participation in the remaining programs below until November 4th, 2017.

We believe this will be a very special 21-Day and Diabetes Recovery Program, as it is the last public program we’ll offer.

Shanti and I are deeply grateful for your participation, loyalty, and the love you have shared with us and our wonderful staff. We have immensely enjoyed serving you at the Tree of Life Center US.

The functions of the Tree of Life Foundation will greatly expand in bringing our humanitarian services and my teachings to the world. We plan to support you continually through our weekly newsletter, podcasts, Facebook Live streaming, YouTube videos, and Dr. Cousens’ Online Store. For example, we are currently producing a soon to be released 52-week online diabetes recovery course.

May you each be blessed with continuing to expand your love, light, and health wisdom.

With Sincere Gratitude!


Gabriel and Shanti


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 Dr Gabriel Cousens and Shanti Golds Cousens

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