Integrating the Heavens and the Earth

We as humans have the task of integrating the heavens and the earth simultaneously.  When we don’t do this, we become imbalanced – imbalanced in health, imbalanced in our relationships, and imbalanced in our awareness.  One of the biggest tasks in our spiritual life is how to balance everything.  How do we balance the heavenly with the earthly, and somehow make it work in an integrated way?  Not in an extreme way, but in a truly integrated way that helps us to evolve, helps the planet to evolve, our relationships to evolve, and helps everything to become sacred.  This is no small task.  This is part of what spiritual wisdom is about.

Spiritual wisdom isn’t really about great philosophies or great ideas but about how one walks on the earth.  In the Native American tradition we call it the Great Red Way – How does one walk on the earth as a full human being? This takes wisdom because there is always the angle of open loving-kindness and the angle of boundaries and clarity.  It is a mix.  As the Sufi saying goes, “Trust everyone.  But tie up your camel.”  That is the balance that I’m going to call Chokmah HaLev (Hebrew for wisdom of the heart).  This is not something that one comprehends in a single day.  It is learned over time.  The wisdom starts with considering that this is something one should consider.  Slowly, slowly we come into the wisdom of the heart with our connection to the Divine.  Without that connection, following one’s heart can get one into trouble because one is not holding a context of thousands of years of ethics, morals, and overall spiritual understandings to balance the heart energy.  Those are the kinds of questions that come up with wisdom of the heart, because it is a deeper wisdom than mere intellectualism.  It is spiritual wisdom of the heart.

When a country, a people, or a person is cut off from that higher connection anchored in the Divine then we have all kinds of wild things happening.  Anybody or any country can create a humanistic sounding P.C. (political correctness) and humanistic sounding wisdom to achieve certain social manipulations.  It can be very damaging in certain ways, as we have seen this with the leadership of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler.  They all attempted to cut the connection that people had with the Divine because without the spiritual context people can be convinced of anything.

The key then is to engage in the subtle God struggle to balance that wisdom, creating a heart centered wisdom that allows you to really walk the Great Red Way where all of your value systems are aligned with perennial understanding.  Know that it is normal always to be going back and forth, back and forth in our efforts to hold and to work towards an evermore attuned alignment with the love and the wisdom.

May everybody be blessed to consider the question of heart wisdom and begin to balance boundaries and clarity with open-heartedness.