Gabriel Cousens M.D. is a leading author of several spirituality & health books including books on peace, spirituality, living foods, and reversing diabetes.

There Is A Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes has become a seemingly unstoppable national epidemic, affecting more than twenty million Americans. Conventional wisdom calls it incurable, but renowned Dr. Gabriel Cousens counters that claim with this breakthrough book. There Is a Cure for Diabetes lays out a three-week plan for reversing the negative genetic expression of diabetes to a physiology of health and well-being.
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Creating Peace By Being Peace

Representing a synthesis of Gabriel Cousens M.D.’s decades of multidisciplinary work in meditation, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and spirituality, Creating Peace by Being Peace guides readers in creating peace in body, mind, family, community, culture, ecology, and God as a pervasive experience in life—moment to moment, day by day.

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Spiritual Nutrition

What we eat, when we eat, and can we feed the soul as well as the body are just a few questions answered by this important text by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Through the years, Dr. Cousens has experienced that diet has a profound impact on spirituality.

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Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine

“The cutting-edge research in nutritional healing.” – from the foreword by David Wolfe

These revolutionary recipes do more than stimulate your palate. Properly understood, they enhance your understanding of the biological terrain of the body and mind, and the process of attaining optimal health and expanded consciousness.

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Conscious Eating

In addition to the classic information that made the previous editions well-loved, this newly revised edition from Gabriel Cousens, M.D. introduces breakthrough research and important practical ways to successfully individualize your live-food diet for optimal health and vitality. Conscious Eating has been referred to as the ‘Bible of Vegetarianism’ for both beginners and advanced students of health. The book is a valuable reference tool that belongs in every vegetarian’s library.

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Depression Free For Life

Dr. Cousens shares his highly effective, 5-step, drug-free approach to healing depression. This unique program acknowledges that all depression is not alike—it has multiple and often surprising physical causes. Depression can be healed, and here is the solution.

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Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm In Holistic Healing

Dr. Cousens, along with co-author David Wagner, creator of the Tachyon Process, introduces the tremendous healing power of what physicists call tachyon energy – the cosmic energy prior to light. Learn the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of and how to amplify this cosmic energy to aid in the healing process of yourself and others.

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Torah As A Guide To Enlightenment

Inspired by intense studies, meditation, and a variety of teachings from the great Torah sages, best-selling author Gabriel Cousens, MD, presents the fifty-two parashas of the Torah as a practical path to liberation. His interpretation, which focuses on enlightenment, what he feels is the original intention of the Torah, provides a multidimensional analysis and a perspective that is often missing from conventional teachings. Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment conveys liberation understandings not only to those with Jewish and Christian backgrounds, but to anyone seeking to reconnect with their spiritual roots.

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