Everything Has Already Happened and Nothing Has Ever Happened

One of the mysteries in looking at destiny is to understand that it has already happened. Destiny is not going to happen or planned to happen; it has already occurred. This understanding alone changes our orientation within Time. Upon closer examination we ask, “Where do I live?” “Do I live in Arizona?” “Do I live on the earth?” “Do I live in the Universe?” “Where exactly do I live?” We ultimately come to the awareness that we live nowhere except inside, and destiny has already happened and never happened.


In essence, we live within our own hearts, within our own souls. At the same time this soul is one with what is prior to consciousness. We don’t really have our own soul, but somehow we live there within ourselves. This is at least some kind of an address. What should we do with this knowledge? We both exist and do not exist. We are either caught or we can play in these paradoxes.


There is a central truth that must be played out on every plane. More than being played out on every plane, this truth needs to be integrated so that our language holds true for all these planes simultaneously. We live in both the temporal reality and the absolute reality – How do we speak of both simultaneously without confusion?


Muktananda’s guru, Nityananda, used to say, “It has already happened”. How do we live in a reality where everything has already happened, and we think that somehow events are yet to occur. How do we integrate that awareness? It can give you a headache thinking about it. The only way to approach this is to move into timelessness and spacelessness in meditation, where we exist prior to knowing, and time and space disappear. In that way we experience beyond the “we”, timelessness, spacelessness, and everything has already happened, and nothing has happened. There is no space. There is no place to live and no place to stand. Here is where the answer is.


The only way to integrate these statements is living one’s life from that place of understanding prior to the mind. When we talk we make trouble, because words create time and space. If we live from the space prior to consciousness, we do not become confused about our address and whether events have happened or are not going to happen. In the time continuum we are not part of this time. We are not solely in the moment. In this moment we are in the past, present, and future simultaneously. Some of the popular teachings such as “Be Here Now” miss this gigantic subtlety. We exist both in a continuum and in this moment paradoxically.


Once we get out of the mind (because this is very difficult to access purely intellectually) we may apperceive living in the awareness and prior to the awareness that nothing has ever happened and everything has already happened. This is the non-paradoxical awareness prior to consciousness. The more we meditate the more that becomes our deeper reality by which we are experiencing an illuminated life in the world. I don’t call this “maya” because that means that none of this exists. What does exist is a manifestation of koach ha’midameh – the similitude of the Nothing becoming the Something and the Something becoming the Nothing, back and forth. We are living with that similitude and all is well as long as we understand that it is the similitude. It is a temporary appearance arising out of the consistent Nothingness.


What I am sharing is beyond the mind’s consciousness in an effort to communicate a way to live non-paradoxically in the paradox of the world. It is a framework that enables one to live as an alive being in the world.


May everyone be blessed with this understanding.