Eulogy for Kam Lau Night Chase

I just returned from a memorial for my Sun Dance Chief and Spirit Dance Chief, Kam Lau Night Chase. In reflecting on the meaning and power of Kam’s life, he represents to me the greatest gift of the Native American peoples. That gift is not limited to living in harmony with nature, which many Native Americans attempt to do, in which we see the world, not as stewards, but as a living organism which we are one with. The power of Kam’s heroic and courageous life goes beyond his living as Mitakuye Oyasin to an embodiment of what it means to walk the Great Red Way as a full human being. His life was a powerful expression of this on every level. In particular his compassion and courage to follow his truth and to express the higher truth of what life is about is remarkable. The vision in which he guided us was a vision of healing the planet, but also of healing humanity – of healing the divisions between people; establishing peace and compassion for all people; and ultimately creating the Rainbow Nation, which is a vision that he and some of his ancestors shared. It is a vision of people from all nations, races, and religions, dancing around the Native American and Universal Tree of Life in oneness. In the Native American world, while a beautiful holding of the highest truth, this was not necessarily a popular vision. In spite of this opposition Kam made the courageous decision to include whites and non-Native Americans in the Sun Dance. This is one of the main reasons I was drawn to him as a non-Native American because, for reasons unclear to me, I knew that I needed to do the Sun Dance and learn more deeply the Native American wisdom ways. Kam represents what is needed to heal the world. He played out a mini vision of the Rainbow Nation coming together in both the Sun Dance and the Spirit Dance. May the whole world be blessed by his shining example of his visionary courage, compassion, and equal vision that we may be transformed into a One World Rainbow Nation. This is the great medicine for healing the planet, and he was a great inspiration for healing the planet. I am grateful for the great wisdom and great example he has been for me and for all the peoples in the Lakota High Horse Way. May we all be inspired by this and may the world know the peace, harmony, and compassion needed to create the Rainbow Nation.

Mitakuye Oyasin,
Gabriel Cousens, a.k.a. Yellow Horse