Essenes Week 9: The Noon Communions of The Sevenfold Peace

The following Communions are prayers you may say or contemplate each day of the week at mid-day to connect with the Essene energy of the Sevenfold Peace.

SATURDAY: Peace with Radiance of the Universe

If I say that Adonai Dwelleth within me, then are the heavens ashamed;
If I say that Adonai Dwelleth outside of me, it is a falsehood.
The eye which scanneth the far horizon and the eye which seeth my heart is one eye.
Adonai is not manifest.
Adonai is not hidden.
Adonai is neither revealed, nor unrevealed.
There are no words to tell that which Adonai, the blessed is—the One hath found peace with the Radiant One hath entered the Sanctuary of the Holy Law.
For in the beginning was the Law and the Law was with God and the Law was God.
May the Sevenfold Peace of Adonai Elohim Be with me always.

SUNDAY: Peace with the Living Earth

Blessed is the Child of Light who knoweth the Creation of Adonai,
for Adonai is the giver of life.
The light of Adonai is in me and thou art a Divine spark resonating in the Radiance of the Universe. None can live long, neither be happy,
but one who is grateful for the blessed Earthly creation of Adonai.

MONDAY: Peace with All Cultures

Blessed am I, a Child of Light who doth study the Book of the Law, for I shall be as a candle in the darkness of night
and an island of truth in a sea of falsehood.
The written Law is the instrument by which the unwritten Law is understood.

TUESDAY: Peace with Humanity

There shall be no peace among peoples till there be one garden of humanity over the Earth.

WEDNESDAY: Peace with the Family

Let my love be as a sun, which shines on all the creatures of the earth and does not favor one blade of grass for another. And this love shall flow as a fountain from one heart to another.
For the one who hath found peace with the human family hath entered into the kingdom of Love.

THURSDAY: Peace with the Mind

The crown of wisdom makes peace and perfect health to flourish. Bless me Adonai, that my power of thought is guided by Holy Wisdom and may my thoughts always come from Love
and build a paradise on Earth.
May I be blessed that my thoughts uplift the soul of humanity and are a healing blessing to the planet.

FRIDAY: Peace with the Body

May I be blessed as a Child of Light
to be strong in body
that I shall have oneness with the Earth.
For the one who hath found peace with the body hath built a holy temple wherein may dwell forever the Spirit of God.