Essene Week 8: The Morning and Evening Essene Communions

The following Essene Communions are a synthesis of the communion poetry found in the Essene Gospel of Peace, Books II, III, and IV, formulated by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, which Rabbi Cousens has rewritten in the classical poetic style and spiritual tradition of the Torah Psalms of David.
The essential idea of the Essene Communions is to recognize the unity of God in all things. The point is not to stop one from loving all of God’s creation and reverberating with the eternal presence in all, but to encourage us to be ecstatically involved in loving God in everything—opening one’s heart to all creation. To integrate the true spirit of the Essenes is to do these communions with the awareness of this unity.
The Essenes worked with the angelic forces in their prayers. Angels were seen as the messengers of God. In the Essene tradition, the angels are specifically not to be prayed to, bowed to, or to receive any devotional offerings. The angels, and what they represented, were seen as the hand of God, and not as God. The angels are perceived as carriers that help amplify our prayers to God. Praying to or thanking an angel can be compared to thanking someone’s hand when they give you a ten-dollar bill. It is the Essene tradition to thank the “person” or Yah directly. In this tradition, to worship an angel is considered a form of idolatry and creates disunity rather than unity consciousness.
The Essenes, as in all of Prophetic, Shamanic, Kabbalistic Judaism, revered nature and were an earth-based religion aligned with the sun and moon-cycles and the seasons of the year. They experienced, honored and rejoiced in the sacredness of nature as an emanation of the Divine. They did this on a daily and seasonal basis.
It is wonderful for people to appreciate the sacredness and Divine in all the forces of nature and reveling in the magnificence of God’s beautiful creation. As we develop an awareness and appropriate attitude toward the Essene Communions, we are able to deepen our gratitude and love for the many ways God provides us with grace.

The Seven Earthly Communions (Morning):

Saturday: Earthly Mother
Sunday: Top Soil
Monday: Life
Tuesday: Joy
Wednesday: Sun
Thursday: Water
Friday: Air

The Seven Cosmic Communions (Evening):

Saturday: Eternal Life
Sunday: Creative Work
Monday: Peace
Tuesday: Power
Wednesday: Love
Thursday: Wisdom
Friday: Heavenly Father