Essene Week 5

Week 5: The Four Main Principles of the Essene Path

In 1996, the following four principles of the Living Essene Way were recognized, acknowledged, and approved by all the main Essene groups in the U.S. at the Breitenbush Essene Conference. The four basic Essene principles are:

  1. Sh’ma Israel Adonai Elohenu Adonai Ehad—God is One and many.
  2. Teshuva—to return to God by changing one’s ways to the ways of God; to know the Self and live the way of God.
  3.  Tikkun ha Olam—to actively participate in the healing and trans- formation of the world.
  4. Shalom—the peace on seven levels, leading to ultimate peace of self-realization; peace that comes when we have integrated and unified our inner and outer worlds, balanced the inner and outer male and female (equality and respect between sexes), and created harmony between heaven and earth.