Essene Week 4-The Essene Mantra

The Essenes taught a way of being whole and peaceful that included following the laws of the Torah, but took one beyond rote performing of the laws. Their teachings were not meant to replace the Ten Commandments, but rather to offer a way to transform oneself into the living law of the Ten Commandments as the Ten Speakings. The teaching and lineage were given to King David, King Solomon, Samuel the Prophet, and to the prophets Elijah, Elisa, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Amos. Many of these prophets lived on the Mount Carmel mountain range and guided the people who gathered around them, creating a subtle beginning of Essene communities as far back as 600 BC. The initiatory prophetic mantra, according to the Kabbalistic literature, was and still is the Tetragrammaton in the form of Yod Hey Wah Hey, YHWH (That Which Was, Is, and Will Forever Be).

The meaning and relevance of the Tetragrammaton provides a general template for creating world peace. The God Code articulates specifically how God’s name (YHWH) reverberates in the DNA of all life. This teaching is also mentioned in J. J. Hurtak’s earlier work, The Keys of Enoch: “The Name of YHWH is coded within every biochemical function in our body, especially within the life-giving DNA-RNA matrix.” According to Hurtak:

“Every letter or combination of the divine code (YHWH) helps each individual to reprogram his or her own DNA through quantum coherence. Human consciousness infused into the golden ratios of DNA, microtubules, and clathrin molecules located as jewel-like geometries at the tips of microtubules, awakens and tunes the human body as a vibratory antenna, a virtual Tree of Life on a micro and macro scale!”

This name of God is the activated energetic mantra in which Rav Cousens was initiated. As stated in Exodus (Shemot) 20:24, “…In all places where I cause my name to be pronounced, I will come to thee and I will bless thee.” In other words, YHWH is the name of God placed in our minds and, thus, on our foreheads and in our hearts to draw grace.

Further research strongly suggests it was also a mantra for meditation revealed to Moses, used by the prophets during their initiations to their students, and also most likely used by Jesus for his disciples. In this context, it is a unifying name of God reverberating in all creation as the name of God encoded in our human DNA, in the DNA of all living creatures and planet life, and in our hearts and minds.

The (Yod Hey) represents the balance of the inner female and male and the (Wah Hey) represents the balance of the outer male and female. In this context, it is a mantra of liberation of this lineage at least four thou- sand years old. This holy mantra (hagiya) can be used with the breath (Yod on the in-breath, and Hey on the out-breath):

Yod into the Heart, and Hey out through the heart.

Wah from the perineum area up to the third eye,

Hey out through the heart.

This breath mantra is excellent for meditating and for maintaining a peace, love, and compassion awareness throughout the day.