Essene Sevenfold Peace

Essene Sevenfold Peace

  1. Peace with the Body
  2. Peace with the Mind
  3. Peace with the Family
  4. Peace with the Community
  5. Peace with all Cultures
  6. Peace with the Ecology
  7. Peace with the Divine

Peace with the body has far more implications than physical health. The enlightened mystical rabbi Baal Shem Tov, who founded Hasidic Judaism, said, “A small hole in the body can create a big hole in the soul.” This becomes increasingly important as we live in a planetary situation where chemtrails, GMOs, irradiation of food, radiation, pesticides, herbicides, and a variety of other toxins are increasing and it is harder to get out of the way. The Kabbalistic teaching, “Touch; don’t blend” requires more and more effort. At that same time, if we pay attention we are able to dodge the various toxic bullets that are out there and to somehow become superconductors of the Divine in our own personal health.

When we think collectively and we see all of the bodies and the brains and the neurological systems that are being adversely affected, at some point it is useful to realize we are part of the collective humanity whole both physically, as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Because of this physical resonance that is both a cause and result of consciousness, it is important to put more energy out for peace with the body to help more and more people to come to peace and healing of the body, and this uplifts the collective consciousness of humanity because as above, so below, and as below (peace with the body), so above.

Peace with the mind is somewhat like that too. As we look at how the adults and kids are intoxicated on legal and illegal drugs and are overwhelmed with input that tends to dull and confuse the mind, we have a healthy and inexpensive remedy called meditation, which naturally stimulates the pleasure centers and balances and heals the mind/brain complex; quiets the mind; and thus elevates consciousness. We can go inside, and naturally unify and uplift the collective mind. The collective mental chaos of the planet, on some level, also has an effect, which Peace with the Mind elevates. The good news is that only 7,000-8,000 people meditating each day collectively can dramatically improve the peace consciousness of the whole planet. It is incumbent upon us, as linked with all humanity, to create peace not just in our own mind through meditation but to spread that energy, creating a field of peace in the collective mind of all humanity.

Peace with the body and mind creates a foundation of peace with the family. Sacred relationship is the new frontier in the oldest social foundation structure in history. Of course, we start with ourselves. We see the social chaos. Today many people are wounded in their ability to have intimacy within relationships. The capacity for intimacy in society is progressively declining. Statistics show that the US leads the way in this moral, social, and spiritual decline. As we enjoy peace with the family in our own lives, we are still affected by the collective downgrading of intimacy in relationships in our larger collective society. A healthy society is built on the foundation of a healthy family. A 10-year health project showed that family health was a cause and reason for the individual’s health.

Peace with the community and the world starts with peace with the family. In an evolved society, as per Lao Tzu, “The wise treat all as their own family.” If we treat everyone as our own family, there will be peace with the world. Again we see that it is incumbent upon us to go beyond our own circle, and to begin to spread that consciousness. Peace with the community is even more magnified. There appears to be chaos everywhere. We see political upside-down nonsense, taken as truth. In the end times the prophets taught that the truth will be declared false and falsehood declared truth (Isaiah 5:20). We are actually seeing this happening. So, how do we embrace peace with the community when a collective falsehood is being created and we can clearly see through the illusion. This is an interesting challenge. Peace with the family, mind, and body creates a strong resonance field that can uplift and amplify peace in the community; and when we have enhanced our personal and collective soul connection, we can have a beautiful détente with the community in a way that allows us to touch and not blend.

We see these same themes in peace with all cultures. One of the 10 plagues of the Exodus was animal attacks on humans. We are seeing an increase in these as well around the planet. The animal world is giving us a message, reflecting back our cultural lack of peace. This is part of peace with all cultures, including respect for the plant and animal worlds. The Native American culture calls it Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ, which means, “to all my relations.” This is the optimal practice of peace with culture.

In our effort of peace with the ecology, we have different levels of relationship. Much of the world sees the ecology as a store going out of business to be exploited as much as possible. Another level is to disrupt nature via weather control or as a vehicle to poison the population, such as with pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. The lack of GMO labeling here in the US and the recent passing of the Dark Act, while GMOs are labeled in 64 countries and banned in 38 countries, is an example of the misuse of nature. In response to this we can become caring stewards of the ecology or, even more profoundly, begin to understand that God is in Nature like a hand in a glove. And at the most spiritual level, we are one with the living planet and, thusly, protect her as we protect our own body, mind, and spirit.

The divine result of the Sevenfold Peace is peace with God as the play of Divine consciousness. When we cut through the collective lack of peace on all levels, we understand that HaShem, the divine name of God, reigns over the chaos. We can see that at a different level, it is all part of the Divine plan is to help to wake us up. Being lived by the consciousness of the Sevenfold Peace helps us to pay attention.

Somewhere in the midst of that, where we come to peace with everything is to understand that whatever God does is for the best, and to align ourselves with the Divine Will in the highest octave possible. This is the challenge of the Sevenfold Peace. We become at peace with all seven levels, by connecting deeply to our own soul. We go underneath the chaos on all of those levels and connect with all of the souls of the planet, including human, animal, and the soul of the living planet itself. In that way, even though it may look chaotic, our view at the planetary, animal, and human soul level is that we are all one expression of the Divine.

Ultimately, there never was an absence of peace. There has always been peace. When our consciousness is at peace with the Divine and we are all in that harmony, automatically we see that there has never been anything other than the Sevenfold Peace.