Eros and Intimacy (Part 4)

Eros is the Essence of Sacred Relationship at the level three, and sex in the context of level three is the unity of consciousness and light. It is experienced as an alchemical merging, spiritual inspiration, and the dance of God in the other. The female essence is looking for a male who can feel her depth. The male essence shows her love through an intense presence and intention. The most important thing, as we move into eros for the female essence, is for the male to be present. The male essence is looking at a range of female energetics. Because the male is expressing the One, he is looking for balance. The male has to offer his presence, and the female has to offer the full range of the female essence. This is the merging of heaven with earth Chinese metaphor. At the level where sex between the male and female essences liberates the gifting of love, eros begins. Eros is the ability in a relationship to perceive the inner beauty of the other. It allows us to celebrate the divine essence of the other. But eros is bigger than just this—eros is celebrating the divine in all of creation.

The essence of eros, in the western Kabbalistic tradition, comes from the cherubim that were said to be on the Ark. The cherubim and the Ark on the Holy of Holies were magically making love. That is the center of spirituality in the Hebrew Kabbalistic tradition. In drawings of the Ark, the two angels are facing each other. In the primal myth, at the beginning of time, Abba and Ima, the male and female energetics, were face to face. The vessels of creation were filled with light, but they could not hold the light and fractured. When the vessels fractured from so much light, the universe of order separated into chaos, and Abba and lma turned from facing each other to having their backs to each other. So, Eros is activated when Abba and Ima, sacred male and female, return to face one another. This is the cosmic healing resulting from a level three alchemical eros activation, as below so above.

The Holiest of Holies, which is the template for the level-three relationship is made up of the tablet, the Ark, and 2 cherubim on the ark making love. The tablet represents the phallus, and the ark represents the vagina. The full meaning of Eros is celebrating God in all of creation. In Kabbalistic terms, we call the experience of God in all of creation the Shekhinah.

It is said that, in the time of the First Temple, people were having a problem with adultery. Eros and energy were getting out of hand, so priests fasted and prayed that eros would be taken out of the society. After three days, God answered their prayers, and a lion leaped out of the ark between the two angels, the two cherubim. For the next three days the whole society shut down—chickens didn’t lay eggs, artists stopped writing poetry, people didn’t have the energy to go to work, and relationships started to fall apart. The priests said, “I don’t think we did this right.” So, then, they prayed that just the positive side of eros should come back.
And God said, “No deal; you have a shadow side that goes with it.” So, God and the priests agreed that the lion would come back, the positive side of eros along with the negative side, but it just wouldn’t be as strong.
From this story we see that eros runs all of society. It is the whole Life Force. Eros is seeing and experiencing God in all things. Alchemical sexuality, and even level-one sexuality, activates some level of eros that appreciates God in all things. That becomes a path to the Divine.

Eros in the time of the Temple was centered in the Holy of Holies. When the Temple fell (586 BC), eros went into exile. Eros has been exiled to sexuality, which only helps lead you to full love. Now, in our society, sex is even debased into being a commodity, which sells as is pornography. This is the exile of the exile.