The Tree of Life is a holistic healing, humanitarian and spiritual center that teaches a holistic vegan way of life. It is also an intense setting for spiritual practice and evolvement for staff, sevas and guests under the spiritual support and guidance of Spiritual Master Gabriel Cousens.

Employment at the Tree of Life is an opportunity to be in deep selfless service to the Divine. We seek employees who understand and embody the principle of “receive in order to share”. The Tree of Life is a spiritually-focused community specifically designed for whole person enlightenment. Ideal applicants are (1) already living the Culture of Life and Liberation as outlined in the Six Foundations & Sevenfold Peace and (2) are seeking to grow roots in the Tree of Life community and global mission of whole person enlightenment through employment.

Minimum Lifestyle Requirements to work at the Tree of Life Include:

  • Living a plant-source-only lifestyle for at least 3 months (no eggs, dairy, flesh, fish, etc.) prior to arrival
  • Consuming a 50-80% live food diet for at least 3 months prior to arrival
  • Totally drug, alcohol, & tobacco-free for at least 6 months prior to arrival
  • Reading and agreeing to the Tree of Life Dharma
  • Being excited to embrace (or deepen in) the Six Foundations & Sevenfold Peace

Please note that our facility is not pet friendly. For the health, safety, and comfort of our guests we cannot allow pets on the Tree of Life grounds.

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