Drugs & the Spiritual Path

Soul Fire and Drug Use on the Spiritual Path

The issue of drugs comes up over and over again for people on the spiritual path. The question is not whether drugs are healthy, dangerous, or offer psychological insights, but whether they are a valid part of the pathway to liberation. This consideration gives us a broader perspective for the discussion.

Everyone has a fire in their soul that burns to know the Divine. Everyone has this desire to some extent. This soul fire motivates us towards the Divine, and if this soul fire is weak, people are less motivated to take up a spiritual way of life.

What is the most solid way to evolve towards the Divine? Where, if at all, does the use of mind-altering substances play a role in this process?
There is no actual drug-use as a path to liberation in any of the traditions. This is not to say that people don’t ever use drugs to wake up at a certain level; however, as the soul fire burns within us, pulling us to know God, there is a balance that must be accounted for.

It is as if we are candles, and our fire wants to go upward towards the Divine, but we are rooted to the earth by the weight of our candles’ wax and wicks. If we burn too high too fast, without being ready, we can extinguish the very fire that reaches for God by destroying the wax and wick of our physical vessels.

Another way to understand it is sanatana dharma, the natural way of living that brings us to liberation. When we build the internal structures capable of holding the higher divine fire through a natural way of living, including the Six Foundations, we ensure the durability necessary to support these higher, intensified spiritual frequencies.
The Six Foundations includes eating a 100% organic, 80% live-food, 100% vegan diet; prana-building exercises such as Ophanim, tai chi, yoga asana, and ecstatic dance; service and charity; staying spiritually inspired by working with a spiritual teacher; meditation, prayer, and chanting to silence the mind; and shaktipat or haniha, which awakens each individual’s spiritual energy.

We only make the breakthrough into liberation when our physiology and subtle anatomy is ready to handle it. If we move too fast, we can burn out the system, and, in a worst-case scenario, destroy our ability to evolve spiritually.

It is important not to move to fast, but to unfold in a natural way based on our internal development. Psychedelic drugs and “consciousness expanding” drugs may temporarily open doors to give us an experience, but they can also move us faster than we may be ready. They provide the promise of a shortcut, but actually delude us in a way because they give us the feeling that we reside somewhere beyond our actual level of spiritual maturity. There’s a difference between having an insight experience and abiding in a state of being, like love, happiness, and wellness.

As we purify ourselves, our soul fire becomes increasingly refined, and we’re able to abide in an authentic steady state of awareness that becomes who we are. That is the evolutionary path of liberation. The soul fire of desire for God is still there, but we are nurturing it and guiding it in a way that burns clean and helps us to reach our highest state of awareness.

May everyone be blessed that we open up to the deep, natural path of living that leads us to liberation.