Frequently Asked Questions

Type I Diabetics are welcome to attend the Zero Point and Conscious Eating programs. NOTE: Type 1 Diabetics will be responsible to regulate their insulin and blood sugars accordingly. We are not an emergency medical facility and we do not have resources to take care of hypoglycemic shock or diabetic ketoacidosis. If this occurs an ambulance will be called and you will be responsible for the charges. Insulin is not available on site, but meters are available to purchase.

We have developed a pre-registration approval process that allows our medical staff to review each individual’s health history to determine if our program, lifestyle, and environment are a good fit for your unique needs. To request approval to attend a program, please submit a completed Health Intake Form (HIF) for review by our medical staff. A Tree of Life Center US Program Consultant will contact you once the review is complete to provide you with the outcome of the review and assist you with registration.