Consciousness Prior to the Mind

We are multidimensional beings within the physical plane, the mental plane, and the emotional plane. The integration of these aspects of being is part of spiritual life. There are many reasons to meditate, and one important reason is so that we can invert our consciousness and the activities of the mind back into their proper place. For most people, mind controls consciousness, which, unfortunately, tends to make them unconscious. In meditation, we can step outside the mind and witness its movements, instead of believing we are located inside the mind as the mind. This shift in orientation profoundly changes how we live and interact in the world. We are not the mind. The mind is part of our ego structure. In reality, we are Consciousness prior to the mind.

Our ideas, our thoughts, our concepts, our memories, and our pain – these are not who we are. In meditation, we have the opportunity to go prior to the mind, to the witness state, where we can see the activities of the mind and not identify with them. It’s the identification with the mind that causes us pain, difficulty, confusion, sorrow, and, in a sense, entrapment and, most importantly, a misunderstanding of the light of the soul of who we are.

Once we are able to develop the witness consciousness, then another amazing thing happens. We are outside the mind. We can see that we are not our thoughts, and that we have power over our thoughts versus our thoughts having power over us. That’s a profound shift in our operation in the world. It is a profound shift in how we see ourselves. The mind also includes the emotions. Today people are in a state of general reactivity.  They are controlled by their thoughts, and they actually believe that their thoughts are who they are. They identify with them. This always causes a mess. When we identify with the witness or the I Am-ness prior to the mind, we are free of this activity. Consciousness then begins to guide the mind rather than the activities of the mind guiding consciousness. There is an inversion or a flip back to normality – awakened normality.

People can tell us these things. We can read all about it. However, when we meditate, we have the opportunity to step outside the mind, and it happens naturally. That’s the beauty of meditation. The more we meditate, the more we go to that first deep benefit of meditation – witness consciousness. We can step back, see the mind, know it’s not us, and we can be independent of that. Then as we get a little deeper into Zero Point, we can start dissolving those thoughts because we are not identified with them. We do not think this is who we are. The thoughts of the mind are not our truth in any way.

We dis-identify with the mind, and, ultimately, as I teach in Zero Point, we dissolve those thoughts so that they are not around in our mind anymore. But first comes the dis-identification with the mind that causes all of the difficulty and dysfunction in the world. Witnessing is one of the most important first steps in the developing of the liberation process and the liberation awareness. The more we can witness, which is empowered by our ability to meditate and to step outside the mind, the more we begin the process of liberation. Part of liberation is being liberated from the mind. That is not where it ends. It is just where it begins. As we go deeper into it, because there are layers of the mind, we then begin to move into areas that we call non-causal love, non-causal peace, non-causal joy, and non-causal oneness, which has nothing to do with the mind. It is the deep reality of who we are. In yoga, we call this anandamyakosha, the bliss mind. But the first step is to witness what’s going on, to get outside.

May everybody be blessed with the power and the mental and emotional strength to pop outside the mind and to be able to witness it. Amen.