Subliminal Messages In Twilight And Inception

This week’s blog will discuss two current popular films, Twilight and Inception. We’ll expose these films’ subtle evil messages and identify the ways these films alert us to the need for occult protection against dark influences in the world masquerading as harmless entertainment. Subtle evil refers to dark forces that can penetrate our fields subliminally through media and popular culture.  While overt evil in the world (such as stealing, lying, cheating and violence) is easier to detect, subtle evil is insidious and much harder to identify. Because subtle evil is often slipped into media and popular culture and passed off […]

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Movie Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a well-done but violent movie bringing up a recurrent theme in world history, which is the struggle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death. However, in our desensitized world where the average high school graduate has seen 100,000 murders by age 18, it may not be perceived as violent. As one who has worked with teen gangs on the south side of Chicago, and has seen enough dead teens in the emergency room from gang shootouts, I had a hard time seeing the dead teens in this movie, who had been sacrificed by […]

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Movie Review: Thrive

The movie Thrive is an excellent synopsis of a current level of the world dynamics done in a clear and eloquent manner. I have great respect for the people who put this together and the thoughtfulness they have shown. In my commentary, however, I’ll bring forth an additional perspective. Based on an examination of current and past history from a variety of sources, it appears to me that the bankers noted to be at the top of the chain, may not actually be at the top. There may be deeper and more powerful forces involved over at least the last […]

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