Dosha Constitutional Types

Download the pdf version Dosha Constitutional Types Instructions: Mark each column from 0-3. Three means most often describes you and zero means doesn’t describe you at all. Put your score in the column on the right side of each Dosha category. Add up the total of each column and put total on the bottom for each column.      

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Fast & Slow Oxidizer Profiles

Tree of Life Center US – Fast/ Slow Oxidizer Profiles © Conscious Eating, Gabriel Cousens M.D. Download the pdf version Fast & Slow Oxidizer Profile Slow Oxidizer Profile 1. Do you eat to live? ¨Y¨  N 2. Can you go a long time without eating? ¨Y¨  N 3. If you skip meals, is it easy for you to maintain energy and a sense of well being? ¨Y¨  N 4. Are you generally not concerned at all with eating? ¨Y¨  N 5. Do you have a minimal appetite for lunch? ¨Y¨  N 6. Do you have a minimal appetite for dinner? ¨Y¨  N 7. Do you love sweets […]

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