Building Character (Midot)

Dear Ones,

Spiritual life is eternally simple, yet appears complex. It is reflected in what Muktanda’s Guru, the God-merged being called Nityanada, said to him… “Throw away your books and intellectual spiritual questions and meditate.”

It is the same message today from an Essene point of view: The teaching of the Torah, its prophets, and of the deep Kabbalah is both simple and profound. It is to live in a way that illuminates and activates our essential, conscious oneness with YHWH. That oneness is already there, but without us being aware of it and putting this teaching at the center of our life until we merge and dissolve beyond it into full devikut/cheyrut, we do not awaken to the full meaning of spiritual life. It is being lived by a way of life, which I have simplified into the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace.

The Torah/prophetic/ and kabbalistic overall message is profoundly and elegantly simple. The most important precursor to devikut/cheyrut (God-merging and enlightenment) is to refine our personalities and character to live more and more as holy people living as the energetic image of the Divine. In yogic terms this means living a sattvic lifestyle. In Daoist terms it means living as the flow of the Dao. Directly related to this is living in the consciousness of teshuvah – returning to Hashem by turning from all actions that move us away from living in the Truth.

The purpose of our sojourn on this planet is to have the opportunity to do this. All worldly challenges are elevations and holy sacrifices if we approach them from the awareness of consciousness, or they are suffering if we approach them as a threat to our egoic structures. The good news is that the choice is ours.

Once you have gotten the basic metaphorical language of the Torah, prophets, kabbalah, yoga, and the Dao, you will begin to understand the unification prayer I share before every lecture for the rectification of character so that we may consciously merge with the ONE. This will allow the wisdom of the Living God to be activated in our hearts as the wisdom of the heart without confusion. In this degree of harmony we begin to do God’s will as if it is our own. Eventually there is no “I” to do God’s will, and there is only God’s will unfolding. This last step is an act of grace that may occur more readily when we are prepared to receive the grace and evolve with it.

Shalom Shalom,
Rav Gabriel