Victorious Over Senate Bill 3002 (DSSA) As Introduced by John McCain

Victorious over Senate Bill 3002 (DSSA) as introduced by John McCain


Dear Friends,


I want to personally thank each and every one of you for responding to our newsletter regarding McCain’s DSSA (Senate Bill 3002). For those thousands of you on our mailing list who wrote your senators and John McCain, you were part of a flood of over 400,000 letters from all over the country that poured into the Senate’s offices.


Please recognize that it was your peaceful action that made a difference!


According to Washington insiders, Senator McCain will no longer support his own bill. Apparently, Senator McCain met with Senator Orrin Hatch, who is a proponent of natural medicine, and told him that he is withdrawing his support for the bill that he authored – the so-called Dietary Supplement Safety Act (S 3002). This may mean that the bill, as written, is now dead.


However, it is possible that many of the provisions of the DSSA (S 3002) will now be included in Tom Harkin’s Senate Bill 510, which is still stalled in Congress. Bill 510 grants the FDA power to regulate and shut down food facilities, including farms and packaging plants. Given the FDA’s relationship with agri-business and the pharmaceutical companies, this power will most certainly work against the interests of organic farms and organic food companies. Our next task is to defeat this bill to ensure complete health freedom in the years to come!


Please write your State Senators today, and demand explicit renunciation DSSA (S 3002), and explicit renunciation of Harkin Bill 510. You may use the template below for your correspondence.


Thank you again for making your voices heard!




Dr. Sir Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD




Letter to Senator


Write a letter/fax/email to your congress person. A sample letter is below for you to copy and paste. The following is a link to find out how to contact your congress person:



Dear Senator/Congress(wo)man,


I am writing to, once again, express my disapproval of Senator John McCain’s proposed Senate Bill 3002 (DSSA). While I understand that this Bill 3002 may be withdrawn, I seek explicit denouncement of this bill and specific provisions, and protections of my rights to buy and sell supplements as outlined in the DSHEA. Furthermore, I am concerned that many of the provisions of the DSSA will be included in Tom Harkin’s Senate Bill 510.


It is my desire, as a tax-paying US citizen, to see both Senate Bills 3002 and 510, which grant power to the FDA for supplement and farm regulation, stopped. It is my desire to see explicit provisions for the protection of my rights to buy and sell supplements and for the protection of organic food facilities from further FDA regulation. Moreover, I urge that Congress consider a thorough investigation of the FDA and the special interests that threaten to manipulate the free market, instead of granting them more power over my life.



(Your name)