The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening: Can You “Gauss” What To Do?

In my search to understand what is going on with earth changes and prophecy I discovered that the earth has lost over 70-80% of its magnetic field over the last 4,000 years.  At 250 million years ago, it was at 300 gauss.  Today it is ½ gauss.  Gauss is a measure of the magnetic field of the earth and it is now estimated to be going down to as little as .1 gauss.  It appears that the lower the gauss areas are (beginning at the Arctic and Antarctic Circles moving toward the equator) the less well the atmosphere is protected.  In the areas of the North and South Poles and moving upwards toward the equator we have not as much protection and so the gamma rays are burning holes in the ozone layer so people are having significantly more exposure to UV rays in those areas.  In the areas next to them as heat differentials are changing, we should be having a lot more (Caribbean) storms, hurricanes.  In looking at that, what can we do in the midst of this shift.  (Some scientists are saying that there is as much as a 20 degree shift in the poles already.)

In trying to make sense of this I must add, it is hard not to notice themes like with micro towers and cell phones we have created a tremendous amount of EMF pollution, which tends to override the magnetism of our bodies and particularly the bio-brain function of our magnetic resonance extending into our organs and tissues.  This interference causes a more fatigued state and can lead to more chronic diseases.  80% of the human brain is composed of astrocyte cells.  These cells generate electricity that create a pulsed electromagnetic field that interplays with the earth plane fields to create a steady health supportive state of negative magnetic field in our bodies that we need to enhance all the intra- and extra-cellular electromagnetic reactions in our bodies.  In practical terms this means that during sleep, the earth’s magnetic field, the increased magnetic gauss, and our brains work synergistically to create a healing magnetic resonance, which creates all sorts of health and youthing benefits.  This increased magnetic resonance matches and strengthens the frequency of various tissues and organs in our bodies.  The magnetic resonance dramatically improves the bio-chemical reactions in the body, helping to repair damaged cells, produces enzymes and strengthens immunity.  This electromagnetic restorative process is essential to our health, our growth and our longevity.  It is the earth portion of the four elements (air, earth, fire, and water), which contributes to our health.  When these four elements are minimized, and/or disrupted, we lose health.  When they are maximized we can gain health. This is a simple way of looking at it.  This resonance is important as it helps repair damage done to the cells during the day; it makes enzymes and enhances immunity.  This resonance is accomplished typically in 90 to 100 minute sleep cycles. These magnetico sleep pads provide enhanced steady state magnetic field similar to the earth’s.  As the magnetic field increases it activates the brain allowing astrocyte cells to put out more voltage, which increases magnetic resonance fields in the body thus improving function of all the tissues and cells in the body, and this enhances all levels of body/brain function as we move to a healthier gauss field.

What this type of earth change of decreasing gauss means is that the gradual decline in our geomagnetic field has weakened the energy of the atoms in our bodies, therefore making it difficult for magnetic resonance to do its job.  What to do?  In searching the literature and talking to people, I came across some very interesting work by a doctor named Dean Conally.  This doctor was the past president of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy and he has taught courses in magnetic treatment for various integrated medicine post doctorate degrees in naturopathic clinics and so forth… He was able to supply me with some of the answers I was looking for.  He developed and patented a high strength clinical treatment magnetic called a magnetic molecular energizer, and it’s used in a variety of research, and from this he has created these magnetic mattress pads, which can fill in for the low gauss on the planet.  For people who are 55 and older there is a 20 gauss field that can be generated.  At 45 years old there is a 10 gauss field that is suggested.  The results are quite interesting from a variety of angles: for younger people and children there is also a 5 gauss sleeping pad.

In the North American studies they found that when mice were placed in a special cage that blocked out the geomagnetic fields of the earth, they seemed to slow down and age faster.  Another researcher (Dr. Gumiel, DSC) working on Project Genesis World Development Organization researched longevity in enhanced magnetic fields.  He tested 23 different species of insects, and found he could increase the lifespan on the average of 5 times in all these as compared to the control groups.  He also found that he could increase the lifespan of human tissue cells by 2.5 times.  That’s interesting from a longevity point of view.  Another researcher performed a double-blind study with pain patients and found that magnetico pads created, on an average, 2.4 times pain reduction, increased sleep, and the ability to work longer.  There was a study done in Toronto by a physician worked with severe chronic fatigue patients using the magnetico mattress pad.  At the end of six months all showed improvement in 3 out of the 5 areas of dysfunction: sleep, sense of wellbeing, hours of work, fatigue after exercise, and cognitive ability.  Three of the people were able to return to work.

These mats have been used for a variety of things that are close to our hearts are tremendous detoxification benefits.   They did a study of one night and two nights of sleeping on the magnetico mattress pad.  There was a significant increase in arsenic, lead, mercury, nickel, and tin measured in urine samples showing increased cellular detoxification.  (This would be even more amplified if using Natural Cellular Defense.)  Just sleeping on this magnetic bed greatly increased detoxification.  There was also an arterial plaque study where they found that 6 of 6 participants showed up to 80% plaque removal, in one year, when they slept on the 20 gauss magnetico pad and took a little bit of a chelator.  These people had all be chelated previously without success.  Their angina symptoms that did not respond to chelation alone were greatly reduced.  Another research study showed that of 120 participants, all had a reduction in red blood cell clumping after lying on the sleeping pad for 20 minutes.  The research I could find suggests that magnetico sleeping pads are the best active design that significantly amplifies one’s geomagnetic field.  I think this is interesting and important.  Other studies showed a significant reversal of osteoporosis, which makes sense when we know that astronauts experience significant and rapid osteoporosis when they are not in the earth’s magnetic field.  Other difficulties such as arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, poor circulation, heart problems, artheosclorosis, and improvement in general health and fitness.  Everything in the body works better in a healthy magnetic field.

The claims of health benefits include general promotion of health and wellness, better sleep, increased energy levels, reduced stress, improved detoxification, better overall body and mind function (including reduced memory loss), improved athletic performance, improved immunity, decreased rates of aging.  Diseases found to be improved in research and testimonials:  arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, back problems, migrains, multiple sclerosis, allergies, PMS, sore and tight muscles, osteoporosis, poor circulation, low energy, high blood pressure, lupis, and a variety of pain symptoms.  People have also reported outside of double-blind studies, that children sleeping on the mats can be helped with autism, ADD and ADHD, asthma, allergies, weakened immunity, and growing pains.

This is an exciting find, and I am now recommending for its overall health effects bringing in this magnetico pad healing earth element for our general health and wellbeing.  You can order it in our online store.  This is the optimal way available to us to restore the magnetic field our body needs and therefore help every aspect of our health and wellbeing and mental state.
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