Shabbat In Biafra

We had an amazing shamanic Shabbat in Biafra.  It was attended by 60 people including 11 tribal chiefs and took place at the king’s palace.  The Igbo tribe comprising this kingdom see themselves (though primarily Christian) as one of the lost segments of Am Yisrael.  They have actively passed on this awareness of their roots from generation to generation.  I heard several stories about this bloodline passed on from father to son.  I was perceived, experienced, and greeted as a literal blood brother.  Together we were connecting with ancient roots that go back as far as 3,300 years.

It was a rare honor to be a part of activating these ancient energies and empowering the Igbo nations in that way.  We danced, and we sang, and as the time approached for the transmission of S’micha l’shefa, it was as if a fire from God broke out.  The king’s father, who was 111 years old and in excellent physical condition, had a profound awakening of the shekhinah energy (the shabbat queen).  This awakening continued for two days.  Many of the tribal chiefs also had strong energetic spiritual experiences, which continued for days. They felt intellectually, spiritually, and energetically reconnected to their primordial roots.  Though it was significant to speak to close to 1,000 people about diabetes and teach the Gan Eden diet, this was, by far, the most moving experience.

The power of God in our lives fills me with deep humility.  Being available to serve in this way fills me with awe. This is the moving of the culture of death to the Culture of Life and Enlightenment as part of the fulfillment of prophecy, and it was a profound blessing to consciously participate in this prophetic unfolding.

May we all be blessed with the experience of the consciousness of the world truly shifting to the higher octave of God.   May we all know that we are one rainbow nation immersed in God.