Movie Review: Thrive

The movie Thrive is an excellent synopsis of a current level of the world dynamics done in a clear and eloquent manner. I have great respect for the people who put this together and the thoughtfulness they have shown. In my commentary, however, I’ll bring forth an additional perspective.

Based on an examination of current and past history from a variety of sources, it appears to me that the bankers noted to be at the top of the chain, may not actually be at the top. There may be deeper and more powerful forces involved over at least the last four centuries that have empowered the bankers in the same way that the Thule Society, which empowered Hitler, the Dark Initiate, into national power, and which also spawned the Skull and Bones Society, infamously known at Yale University. Rudolf Steiner addressed this insidious evil in a lecture given in Zurich, October 27, 1919 titled “The Ahrimanic Deception”. These forces represent a more powerful, deeper, and coherent focus of darkness of what this struggle is about that is hinted at in Thrive.

It is interesting that Thrive begins by showing us the beauty of nature. It is both human nature and the nature of earth to thrive. A subtler, deeper term for this is Eros. Eros is the action and celebration of the experience of God in all creation as well as in ourselves. The meaning of Eros is not limited to a Tantric sexual orientation. The attack on the planet and the effort to enslave humanity is more connected to an effort to destroy the deeper power of Eros. It is an effort to eliminate the ecstatic experience of God in all creation, in all social relationships, and in ourselves. Eros is the driving force of creativity and God in the world.

Enslavement is the opposite of Eros. Enslavement is the dulling of consciousness. Eros is the awakening of consciousness ultimately toward liberation. Liberation requires a foundation of subtle sovereignty. Slavery, which is the sophisticated goal of the One World Government, is specifically designed to destroy sovereignty behind the “humanitarian reasoning” of the greatest good for the greatest number of people. This mixed socialist/fascist/communist, social control agenda, emerging in a variety of forms, has never worked, but has successfully been used to justify the murder of over 150 million people in the 20th Century in a failed attempt to enslave whole nations..

Well conceived in Thrive was a “new model”, actually given to humanity at least 3,400 years ago. It is taught in the Torah that sovereignty is fundamental for human evolution and specifically for liberation. In this context of sovereignty, the weak, the poor, the orphaned, and the widowed still need to be cared for. This is all part of the suggested solution from the presenters of Thrive. While they did not use the word “Torah” in their presentation, they offered us the same Torah formula of both sovereignty and the importance of taking care of the poor, needy, widowed, and orphaned. Freedom is central to its teachings, which is the essence of the first of the Ten Commandments. It is a central Biblical message. That is why the Bible and those who believe in it are the enemy of those who seek to create a One World Government.

The Bible is a guide to protect us against darkness so that we may become physically and spiritually liberated. It give us the guidelines for the holy process. Enslavement, as we learned from the Egyptian enslavement of the Jews, takes away all sovereignty and all Eros. In slavery, as in both Egypt and the One World Government, one becomes a number, as occurred in the Nazi concentration camps or any other “camps” that have already been built but not quite activated. It starts first with the inner prison camp of psychological slavery.

Psychological slavery begins when one accepts a foreign identity with its system of rules and values out of sync with our inner divine nature. The entitlement mentality and “Occupy” movements are about sharing the “wealth”. Although reasonable in the material/economic plane, they reflect a psychological slavery that has accepted the same materialistic values of the system it is attacking; the only difference is that it wants a fairer redistribution of the illusion of wealth, rather than the real wealth, which is the spiritual. It is this spiritual wealth that leads to peace and harmony on all levels. Psychological slavery is the first step that then leads to economic, political, and social slavery, such as the fear-based elimination of Habeas Corpus “for our protection”. These are all steps toward attempted slavery. If one is oblivious to one’s internal slavery, we tend to be oblivious to our external slavery as well. Slavery in the mind leads to accepting slavery in our lives. This is the archetypical evil. No one becomes a slave until they accept its status by accepting its values. Freedom is a state of mind, independent of the external material world.

Eros is destroyed by slavery. The attempt to enslave the world is an attempt to end Eros – the joy of God in all creation. The attack on the living planet is not just about greed, it is about the destruction of Eros and the connection to God. This struggle has gone on for at least 6,000 years. It is an attempt to create a human materialistic focused world rather than a God-focused world. It is the archetypal, metaphorical struggle between Cain and Abel, where Cain as the force of human domination killed Abel. Abel represented a Humanity-Eros-God partnership world. This struggle reemerged with Nimrod, the first one-world government dictator, who was confronted and exposed by Abraham. It was taught that Nimrod was later killed by Abraham’s grandson. As with the defeat of Nimrod, the Jews are the eternal enemy of the deeper forces of darkness. Although there are some Jews involved at the banker controlled level, such as the Rothchilds, or those who have risen to high administrative power such as Joseph in Egypt under the Pharaoh, Daniel in Babylonia-Persia under Nebuchadnezzar and Darius, and Mordecai in Sushan, under King Ahasuerus, who chose to bring light to the nations; and most certainly today in the different American administrations, as there are those who have served and acted in what people may judge as negative ways. They are the order takers and effectors and not the order givers at the ruling level. The overall historical emphasis has been one of standing up to the forces of darkness desiring to form a one world government as a mechanism for world slavery. There is no doubt that there are those infected and blinded by the Dark Side into a limited and prejudiced vision who may tend to see these administrative level middle management people in the different governments at the causal level of the One World Government. That is exactly what the Dark Alliance wants – that those incited and blinded by the Dark Side are not able to see past the bankers, to the real ones of the Dark Alliance who want to enslave the world. In this context, I want to commend the creators of Thrive for presenting that clearly the Jews are not the force behind the global domination, (though the Rothchilds, one of the eight controlling banking families, and clearly appear to be involved). In this framework we have the struggle of the deeper light and deeper dark on the planet being played out by at least eight banking families visibly representing the deeper forces of darkness.

Once we understand that the battle is for consciousness, it is easier to develop a comprehensive approach, it does not begin with free energy, or sharing the material wealth, but, rather, the sharing and expanding of consciousness. It is about liberation. The more people who understand this struggle as a spiritual evolutionary test for their spiritual elevation, the more people are able to escape the issue of polarity. Unfortunately Thrive has actually emphasized this polarity, as they talk about “us” verses “them” and thus a dualistic, materialistic perspective. The bigger picture is that graphically and specifically this conflict is between the awareness of Eros and Enslavement. Both levels of interpretation have value, but the deeper interpretation reveals this as a struggle of consciousness in humanity’s awakening process and the spiritual evolution on the planet as the light transforms the darkness into more light, from this comes the deeper non-dual peace and harmony.

May we all be blessed that we are truly empowered to do this by transforming ourselves and thereby transforming the planet and its community members into a conscious Garden of Eden, where all will experience the truth of God. As the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 6:13 said, “from the least to the greatest”.  It is then that all of us will fully thrive as the ecstatic Eros power of God in the true abundance of God’s grace in which the illusion of duality ends.

Blessings for peace and liberation,

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD