Blessing Water

In the Kabbalistic teachings, water is the Light of God made manifest in the physical plane. In this context, water pollution is a worldwide phenomenon and represents both a spiritual and physical crisis. The external water pollution in the oceans, lakes, and rivers mirrors the inner physical and spiritual pollution, as well as our global spiritual crisis.

For thousands of years, Kabbalists have used pure water for physical and spiritual cleansing. This is the mystery of the mikvah water purification ceremony, which usually takes place in a cosmic womb – a sacred pool of running water or a clean stream. Kabbalists have used this ceremony for thousands of years. It connects us to the force of all natural waters and all mikvahs on the planet. In more modern times it was made famous by the Essene John the Baptist, in the River Jordan (we have actually done a mikvah in the River Jordan on our Essene Odyssey Tours). The water’s metaphysical and cosmic essence acts as a cosmic solvent to cleanse physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual impurities. Kabbalists teach that water can heal, rejuvenate, and even hold the secret to immortality. Unfortunately, the blood of centuries of war, religious persecution, and environmental pollution from our greed-based economic and corporate systems have disrupted the spiritual powers of water.

One of the ancient and mystical seventy-two names of God, VAV MEM BET, has the power to restore water to its original Divine state. The author’s choice to release the power of this sacred name, which normally is only released to Essene and Kabbalistic students, is based on the world crises of spiritual and physical pollution. This is a powerful mantra used to rectify the water. The more people who use this prayer, the more opportunity we have to create a morphic field of holiness that will be carried in the power of water throughout Nature and resonate in every living being. Although Kabbalists have a particular prayer over water that energizes it, any loving prayer works. This is also true with our food. As explained in Conscious Eating, live food contains structured water, which can best hold the vibration of the prayer, while cooked food is dehydrated and whatever water is left after cooking is disorganized by the heat. So bless the water and food with your Love and appreciation of the Divine. This is the essence of Spiritual Nutrition. This is the essence of food preparation and the essence of water preparation. Our fundamental physical essence is water. So this VAV MEM BET blessing and blessing the water with Love and gratitude literally vibrates on some level in all living beings.

The brilliant work by Masaru Emoto, published in The Hidden Messages of Water, supports this approach in a very graphic way. His pictures of water crystallization of healthy water show that water becomes a spiritual message of the cosmos, which is Love and gratitude. This pictorial research shows how water is linked to the fundamental vibration of the human soul. The more we use water in this cosmic way, the more we participate in the collective healing of the planet. In African traditions, if there is too much fire energy (war, hate, greed, violence) in a community, water is used to bring balance. The cosmic healing power of water is known in almost all cultures.

Water is a physical mirror of the soul; it reflects what is in people’s souls and the expression of the soul. For example, water exposed to the great classical musical works formed beautiful crystals, but when exposed to hard rock, it became so disorganized it could not even form any crystal shapes. Emoto has concluded from his pictures that when geometric crystals are formed, the water is in alignment with the healing frequencies of Nature and life itself. He found that crystals do not form when the water has been polluted, as in tap water that has been chlorinated. The water in almost all the major cities in the world will not crystallize for this reason. Water exposed to prayer and thought forms of Love and gratitude form beautiful hexagonal crystalline forms. This is also true of unpolluted water found in pristine areas of Nature. When we purify and bless our water, we create water that creates beautiful life force as hexagonal crystals flowing throughout our bodies, blessing every cell and amplifying our healthy soul energies. This blessing is circular because the purer our soul energy, the sweeter the water tastes and the more energetically nourishing it is. Based on the ancient Kabbalistic understanding that we are all One world soul, whenever we bless our water in a conscious heartfelt way, we send out messages of peace, Love, and gratitude, which are linked to the cellular water in all people and in Nature. As we resonate with our mature water we resonate with water everywhere and in that process resonate with all souls and the very soul of the planet. We are actively creating a morphogenic field that unifies the world as One soul knowing its Unity as the Divine Presence.