Back to the Land

Every people has a shamanic connection to their land, and the consciousness of that people affects the land and the land affects their consciousness.  This is a clear shamanic principle.  The seeds of their plants contain the consciousness of the people, and this consciousness expresses in the plants.  We are all truly affected by the energetics of the topsoil, and, historically speaking, any culture that neglects its topsoil usually falls into ruin because it is not caring for the cycle of life and becomes unsustainable. Some believe that this is what happened to the Mayans. They began to misuse their land and ran out of food.

In the Torah tradition and in the oral Torah it is said that when Cain (the son of Adam and Eve) was evicted from Gan Eden he traveled up onto the earth’s surface and founded cities in South America. Cities tend to disconnect people from the earth and from the sacred flow. This results in the earth throwing them out.  There are other ways to get kicked out of the land as well.  In our previous Torah teachings we see people doing abominations and the land was said to vomit them out because they were contaminating the land with their energy.

According to kabbalah, the moon, the sun, all the planets, and the stars have souls, and those are reflective of the Divine plan.  When we pay attention to the topsoil, to the flow of nature, it creates a positive resonant field within our own soul that supports the soul expression and supports the soul resonance (particularly with the lower layers of the soul).  When we separate ourselves from the land just the opposite happens.  We loose touch with our inner soul and we loose touch with Elohim (the law of karma and of dharma).

All of this gets lost when we do not give due attention to the topsoil.  This is why it is so important to live in the country.  In city living, people live on top of each other and on top of all of the energetic fields, creating imbalances. The ancient yogis lived in the forest rather than in the cities for the same reason.  The resonance with the topsoil, the resonance with nature helps to stabilize the spiritual frequencies so that we can go beyond them.  Ultimately we have to go beyond nature.  We do not do this by ignoring nature.  We do it by living in harmony with nature, and that harmony creates a resonant field we can then transcend.

Like Jacob’s Ladder we hold the bottom of the ladder on the land.  The top part is reaching to the heavens (or the higher planes).  Without the foundation and the connection with the earth, it is harder to flow between the heavens and the earth and to understand oneself as a multi-dimensional being.  From a comprehensive perspective, we understand the foundational aspect of the land.

May everybody be blessed with this understanding and resonate and live in a way that helps us comprehend that we are not living on the topsoil, but, rather, we are part of the living topsoil.