Awakening From the Dream

A liberated being has woken from the dream. In liberation we realize we are free to move in any direction, experiencing everything as multidimensional beings in multidimensional ways. An awake person is alive. We are the expression of God as life. Through the Divine Force (the kundalini or the ruach ha’kodesh), the Divine Urge is activated. It just pulls you along. The awakening of the Divine Urge, as the awakening of the kundalini, is an act of grace. It is the divine kiss that begins a love affair with God.

We have built an entire way of life based on the mythology of amnesia and the identification with the personality, which is birthed from the believe in “I am-ness”. This is like believing that the sun rises and sets. Our birth into “I am-ness” is the foundation stone of the matrix, which deludes us into believing we were created. The matrix leads us to believe that we were born and that we will die, which we allow to determine our happiness or sadness.

There is never enough busyness to satisfy the hungry mind of beingness. The soul will always hunger until it tastes the nectar of the Self. The only useful meditation is on one’s true nature. The process of meditation purifies the mind enough to transcend it, giving us the experience of the Self. There is no enlightened one. There is only enlightenment. The liberated person has transformed their reactions to life. They are no longer in a state of reactivity. An educated person knows the cosmic truth, but a liberated person lives the cosmic truth.