An Age Old Struggle

There has been a struggle going on since the time of Cain and Abel. People have two ways of being. One is that humanity is an expression of God. The other is that humanity is separate and greater than God. Cain insisted that humans are separate from God. Abel insisted that we are part of God. This was the essence of their argument.

Before Cain and Abel were the seven civilizations of Edom. These included Atlantis, Lemuria, and others. The Atlantians, with their crystal technology, created a dark force that destroyed the planet.
Before the Great Flood were had a similar situation. People developed very sophisticated technologies and a great deal of genetic manipulation. Again, the Flood came and erased it all.

Following the Flood, we still didn’t learn. Nimrod, who was the “Stealer of Souls”, created the Tower of Babel. The people were dispersed in the midst of diverse languages and much confusion.

We are approaching another point like this. Recently very sophisticated computer systems have emerged. These super-systems are so sophisticated that they go beyond human intelligence. They have the ability, unlike computers thusfar, to think, compare, and change channels in ways beyond what humans are capable. This isn’t HAL from 2001. These are here now. Both Google and NASA are in possession of systems like this.

Beyond that there is a movement called the “Trans-Human Movement” which seeks to enhance human potential through the use of implanted computer chips, with the speculation that eventually the biological organism would be discarded and human consciousness would reside within hi-tech machines. It is not far-fetched to begin speculating about cyborg soldiers. The military will exploit these technologies.

Where is the wisdom in all this?

We humans believe ourselves smart enough to transcend the human program and take over the world with mechanized war machines and cyborg soldiers. Where will this lead us?

From a spiritual perspective, the materialistic values of IQ, strength, power, weapons are all irrelevant. This is the break that is happening in the world. It requires wisdom to see through all this.

We here at Tree of Life are living the Culture of Life and Liberation where these mechanical, technological enhancements are irrelevant to the point of life. The point of life is to wake up.

These current trends are merely variations on Cain, the Nephalim (antediluvian giants), and Nimrod – it is about power and separation from God. What can we do about this? We must bring Consciousness into our lives and not be seduced by this way of thinking. Spiritual wisdom asks, what is our right relationship with technology, so that we don’t get lost in these trends of thought.

We must stay connected to what life is really about – the journey to know God.