AMZ Soup

Warm Soups

The best way to prepare a warm soup is to heat it until hot to the finger, which is about 105-115 degrees F. Cooked soups are often heated to very high temperatures which destroys all the enzymes, and we then wait for them to cool to eat them. By not heating soups excessively, we do not have to wait so long and the ingredients are still alive. Another way of preparing the soup is in a crock pot at low temperatures (115 F or below) for 6-8 hours, but this presents the danger of becoming a culture for harmful bacteria.


1 avocado
1 large zucchini
1 tsp heating or cooling masalas (We recommend the Curry masala recipe HERE)
1/2 tsp mellow miso
2/3 cup water
Blend all ingredients except miso. Heat to 115 degrees F, remove a small amount of the mixture, add miso, and mix back into the soup.