Aligning with Natural Law

King Solomon said that the wise person sees the result of their actions. The slower learner doesn’t seem to get the result of their actions.  I joke about this when we talk about diet, but it is bigger than that. There are two levels of understanding actions and their ramifications.  On one level there is cosmic flow and cosmic ramifications.  The other level has to do with natural law. If you try to break the laws of nature they will break you. It’s not a break even. You will lose. 

Part of wisdom is starting to understand the laws of nature so that we can align ourselves with them. Much of our work is to seek to know how we can align ourselves with the laws of nature to optimize our function and our soul expression here on the planet. We need a functional mind and a functional body. If we are able to follow the natural laws we are able to optimize that experience and that function. This is knowing our sacred design and being able to express it. 

Following natural law is different than being guided by one’s mind.  If we look at humanistic systems that are disconnected from the Divine, which is what many of the major social system failures (such as Mao, Stalin, Hitler) in the last 50 years have done, we see a human tendency.  Those idealistic, humanistic movements had certain socially agreed upon ideals. These systems had many very good things except that they completely disconnected themselves from being guided by the Divine.  The minute that you are guided by your mind and not the cosmic awareness you’re not in wisdom anymore.  You are in line for potential disaster, as we have seen in the cases of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler.  

For example, even Hitler’s initial social theories appeared to be very humanistic.  Social theories may have some level of awareness, yet when they are not connected to God they tend to go to the dark side.  Between Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, more than an estimated 150 million people died as a result of forcibly instituted sociopolitical theories disconnected from the Divine guidance.  This is where the problem lies.  

So when we talk about wisdom, there is a need to combine the understanding of the natural and the cosmic laws in our lives and in the whole picture.  That is different than an entirely relative moral, ethical humanistic idealism designed by those in power. Idealism disconnected from God has the potential fairly easily to move over to the dark side.  This is because in these systems the ends justify the means and that is when the whole thing gets warped.  We have seen this again and again.  The mind can be influenced by the sociopolitical pressures generated by the people in power.   This is why society, although imperfect, does best when grounded in the Divine.  This does not mean that people don’t warp it that way too, as we are seeing in the world today.  However, when people really lose their connection with God it is very hard to maintain, ultimately, an ongoing socially uplifting situation for our lives and for following the natural ways.  

So wisdom really requires aligning with the Divine.  How do you know you are aligned with the Divine?  You have to take a look at the great spiritual wisdom teachings throughout the last 6,000 years.  Still anyone can make an interpretation of that and say they are aligned with God (misusing the scriptures, killing for God, etc.); so wisdom takes a lot of thoughtfulness, alignment, prayer, and understanding aligned with the vast majority of the great traditions.  It’s not so straight forward, as we would like it to be (in both the smaller and the bigger pictures).  

May everybody be blessed with an awareness of how much thoughtfulness, heart-centered energy, God-centered energy is needed to keep on track in bringing forth our sacred design, as individuals and as the world, resonating with the highest wisdom consistently.