5G Solution Explained

For almost five decades, this one has been teaching consciousness and the way of self-love.  That message includes preventative medicine with raw food, high quality supplements, exercise and meditation, in order to become your own healer on all levels.  Of course, this message is with regard for any medical assistance that might be needed, which is why this one continues to see patients to this day.

For those who feel inspired to extend their preventative health practices to include actively protecting their personal environments from 5G, this letter gives you a relatively simply, extra-legal, highly effective, inexpensive approach to stopping 5G at home and in community. Through this process, you become your own lawyer, and truly, your own judge—not in the courtroom, but from the privacy of your own home using contract law known as [Uniform Commercial Code or UCC].

Medical schools spend very little time on nutrition, let alone how to cure a worldwide pandemic, diabetes (see my book, There Is a Cure for Diabetes – Revised Edition).  Similarly, law schools spend very little time on [UCC], let alone how to cure your own judgments—without any need for a courtroom judge—in order to peacefully shut down a worldwide dark infrastructure.

[UCC] is found in the law in all fifty states of the Union, as well as all countries in the world.  Through understanding and implementing [UCC], each person can create an extrajudicial, self-executing judgment against those seemingly infallible large corporations and powerful government agencies causing or attempting to cause harm to you, whether through Smart Meters, mandatory vaccinations, or now 5G.  An extrajudicial judgment means an out-of-court settlement.  A self-executing judgment means you, yourself, obtained your settlement without any need for a courtroom judge.  Although we have been led to believe that we are helpless and powerless against these Wizards of Oz, [UCC] is a tool to not only pull back the curtain, but also to peacefully dismantle the dark forces.

Part of the power of the dark forces is to continue their harm through tacit admission.  In law, tacit admission means that through your silence, you have given consent to their harm.  And therein lies the first trap.  Your silence is acquiescence.

A second trap is that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.  So you or your hired attorney trying to find remedy in the courtroom against said harm are responsible for understanding all 80+ million statutes in America.  In this case, finding remedy may take years if your grievance reaches the United States Supreme Court.  However, the clever part is that contract law supersedes all state and federal statutory law.  The Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966 placed all law under [UCC].  So contract law is the key to a quick, peaceful checkmate.  Although this sounds good, there is also a track record to back this up (see below).

The final trap is that [UCC] involves your willingness to take on unlimited liability for your stance to love and protect yourself, your family and your planet.  It requires you to own your own power.  In so doing, there is no one to blame.  Although the pen is mightier than the sword, many people can go through an awakening as they face their own fears of empowerment in taking on the dark forces in this peaceful way.  Similar awakenings and resultant empowerment have happened at my fasting retreats prompting people to take action in their lifestyles and spiritual paths when they return home.

Joining together at this time is important for liberating earth from 5G (see my article, 5G: A Toxic Assault on the Planetary Web of Life).  By numbers of courageous people engaging in this powerful [UCC] process, which I have outlined below, people can protect themselves, their families and the earth and the 5G planetary agenda can be discontinued.

  1. You agree to take full responsibility for what happens in your reality.
  2. Go to https://www.inpowermovement.com
  3. Currently, subscription is at no charge for Smart Meter documents but may increase to ten dollars per month in the near future for the support that may be required for the forthcoming 5G documents.  Notice, in the first document you download, their successful track record.  Feel free to donate to this organization if you are so led, to help them launch 5G documents as soon as possible.
  4. You will receive the three links (“a” and “b” below are two instructional videos and “c” below is where to obtain the templates and user guides:
    1. https://support.inpowermovement.com/episode-1-mass-action-of-liabilty/
    2. https://support.inpowermovement.com/episode-2-notice-of-liability-nol-walk-through/
    3. https://support.inpowermovement.com
  5. You are the Claimant/Affirmant/Libellant. With the assistance of the user guides and  aforementioned videos, the templates are filled in by you and sent out by you in a particular order according to a particular timeframe to the appropriate Respondents/Libellees responsible for causing or attempting to cause you harm.
  6. There are nine (9) possible rounds of mailings. Currently documents are available for only the first three (3) rounds, which have been used with a successful track record in Smart Meter removal.  5G may or may not require more rounds.
  7. All mailings are to be done via the post office [USPS] Certified Mail.
  8. All autographs are to be signed in blue ink only.
  9. For mailings, you will need two Witnesses and a separate Notary.
  10. Witnesses can be those with whom you can easily meet such as neighbors, friends, family, etc. who are to use a personal mail location, as said Witnesses are designated Recipients of any possible response from Respondents.
  11. The documents from link “c” above include:
    1. Notice of Liability or NoL (along with your customized Exhibit, the Affidavit and a Bill of Lading (BoL) for each Respondent).
    2. Notice of Fault or NoF (along with your customized Exhibit(s) from any letters received, two (2) Affidavits of Non-Response, and a BoL for each Respondent plus anyone else who has “joined the contract” after receiving the NoL and hence has become an additional Respondent).
    3. Notice of Default or NoD (along with your customized Exhibit(s) from any additional letters received, two (2) Affidavits of Non-Response and a BoL for each Respondent plus anyone else who has further “joined the contract” after receiving the NoF and hence has become an additional Respondent).
    4. Guides and the aforementioned two videos to understand these templates.  All documents and processes are according to [UCC], which is found in every one of these fifty states and every country in the world.  E.g., in Arizona, [UCC Articles 1-9] is found in [Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 47-1101 et seq.; in California, it is found in [Cal. Com. Code 1101 et seq.]; and in Florida, it is found in [Florida Statutes Chapters 670-680 aka F.S. Chs. 670-680].
  12. Once your NoL, NoF and NoD have been mailed correctly and in the proper timeframe, your extrajudicial self-executing judgment is almost enforceable. If need be, you can then send a 1st, 2nd and 3rd True Bill followed by a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Notice to Debtor.
  13. Subsequent to the 3rd Notice to Debtor is the Enforcement phase, which may not be necessary as has been shown with Smart Meters.