Fasting Israel

9-DAY SPIRITUAL FASTING RETREAT  Neve Shalom, Israel 5 -14 May, 2020 FOR MORE INFORMATIONAL CONTACT US :+972 58 6603302 / THE GAN EDEN ISRAEL EXPERIENCE Join us for nine spiritually uplifting days of SPIRITUAL FAST  in the serene Judea in Israel. The fast is lead by Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H), N.D.(h.c.), D.D., an acknowledged holistic physician, yogi, spiritual guide, and “the fasting guru and detoxification expert” (as recognized by the New York Times), and his wife Shanti Cousens, M.A., a TriYoga® senior teacher. Together, they have been leading fasts for over 30 years worldwide, and for the last twelve years […]

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