Attention & Intention


We relate to our worlds through attention and intention. Attention is how we relate to our respective circumstances. Attention also means being part of the cycle of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and, in part, it relates to your own mind. Unfortunately, today, many people are not particularly paying proper attention to their lives, to their life cycles, to their meaning, how they eat, think, and live, and the result of this lack of attention is chaos. This happens if we don’t pay attention to what we’re letting into our minds, and to how we are living, and to creating holiness […]

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Whole Person Healing Program

The Whole Person Healing assessment is for those with specific health challenges. A series of tests will determine your physical state, mineral/vitamin status, and the condition of your organs. This assessment provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your current level of physical health. Based on the findings, the Dr. Cousens develops an individualized health plan including plant-source supplements to restore biochemical balance. The following is a message from Dr. Cousens: My Whole Person Healing Assessment is a special offering for those who have chosen to make a serious commitment to their total evolution. It is not merely a one-time visit […]

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Sacred Relationship Takes Courage

Love is the ability to perceive the innate beauty in the other person. Love gives you the perception to see the wild authenticity of the true nature of the other person. Love is not blind. Love is the microscope that allows you to fully see and appreciate the other person in their deepest truth. The key to sacred relationship is to have the spiritual perception of who you are and who the other is. This essential spiritual understanding is the foundation of sacred relationship. Sacred relationship is the oldest and the newest frontier. In today’s society, the whole meaning of […]

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The Synergistic Power of MegaDefense

I’ve been working with American, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbs for more than 40 years. I’ve tested and tried many combinations and products from many different companies. I’ve also been working with NCD (Natural Cellular Defense) since it came out 12 years ago. My clinical experience for myself and my clients is that, overall, Mega Defense is simply the best immune modulator and enhancer that’s available in the world today. The question is, why is it so impressive? Perhaps it’s simply an extraordinarily rare alchemical synergy that’s come together beyond the technical prowess of its creators. From a scientific point of […]

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The Food of Consciousness


What is the special food that spiritual teachers have all eaten? Beyond Spiritual Nutrition and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine is the food of Consciousness itself. Ultimately everyone interested in spiritual life must find a food that elevates their consciousness and supports their highest understanding – that food is Consciousness. This means that we must live our lives in a manner that constantly immerses us in the food of Consciousness. We create our lives from our thoughts and words, so we should surround ourselves with thoughts and words that connect us to the meaning of life. Words that connect us […]

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