Approximately 80% of the greens used in our juices are grown organically and veganically in our own gardens. The soil is highly mineralized and produces highly mineralized, nutrient rich vegetables. We add no blood meal, bone meal, manure, or animal products to the soil, thereby reducing, among other things, the potential for GMO contamination. Our greens and vegetables are grown in greenhouses. Dr. Cousens’ own research has shown our greenhouse production reduces pollutants and toxins on the vegetables by approximately 400% here in Arizona.

The greens from our gardens are harvested only hours before being prepared in the optimum way and we use the lowest oxidation juice press. The same fresh greens and other vegetables are used in the preparation of our Café meals.

The cleansing detox and other benefits of your fast are directly related to the quality of the juice you drink. A great deal of consideration and care has gone into providing you with one of the most pure and nutrient dense juices on the planet.

Our Sprout House produces some of the most nutrient dense sprouts and wheatgrass. We offer unlimited wheatgrass juice to our guests and our varietal sprouts are available at every meal. Wheatgrass is extremely beneficial for its detoxification properties and the nutrient dense profile. You will be able to take advantage of our superior wheatgrass whether you are fasting or relaxing on vacation.