Wisdom Like Water

Satsang given April 11th, 2014

What we know about water is that it is multidimensional. Water comprises many levels. This is also a key to understanding wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is based on a singular plane of understanding. It is not contracted. It involves all the planes of existence and an integration of all those planes.

Water is particularly interesting these days. Israel has cracked the code on how to take salt water and make fresh water and is helping California as well as the Middle East. Israel no longer has a water problem. The US Navy has cracked the code on how to turn salt water into fuel for their warships (no oil, no gas is needed). They aren’t releasing this to the general public, but at the time of this writing they have discovered how to turn salt water into fuel;therefore, their ships can always be at sea without needing to be refueled. This is interesting because it is simply salt water, which is 97% of the water on the planet.

When we look at the multidimensional nature of water — creating energy, creating life — we begin to see the simplicity of life around us. We take something as basic as H2O and the next thing we have is fuel that eliminates the oil/gas world empire and imbalance. The next thing we know, out of Israel, we have all the fresh water we need for the planet. People probed into the water and created miracles for survival. This is another level of understanding spiritual wisdom, which is probing deeply into the simplest things and creating great understandings. Just on the level of global politics, water has become a driving force. We have moved into the 3rd world interest: 1) gold, 2) then oil, 3) and now water. We are entering the geopolitics of water. On a political imperialism level it helps us understand why there is the vast water reserved in Iraq, and why Libya is sitting on the world’s largest fresh water reserve, which Gaddafi was harvesting for Libya. Who would have imagined all this?

I take the water as an example because that’s exactly what the wisdom of life is about. It is beginning to probe deeply into what appears to be the little things in life and expanding them to an awareness that helps us to wake up. What does that mean? In terms of wisdom, it gives us a real incentive to examine our lives – to examine the actions of our lives and to examine our minds so that we can transcend.

Wisdom is the ability to live your life in a way that is continually creating a transformation of the most basic things such as water. Wisdom is the ability to look into what seems trivial and to get the full depth of what’s going on. Wisdom is going beyond normalcy to the depth of what’s happening on every level of one’s life. It is looking at every action and trying to understand what’s going on for us that we would act in this way or in that way.

It has been said that a life that’s unexamined is not worth living. I wouldn’t go quite that far, but wisdom involves a deeply examined life, where we are continually questioning ourselves. Wisdom is not taking ourselves for granted but understanding our own uniqueness and questioning ourselves so that we aren’t assuming anything about who we are or falling into an unconscious comfort zone. When people feel that they’ve arrived, their self-inquiry ends, and that is where wisdom ends. Therefore, we must continually ask, “What am I doing?”, “Where is my consciousness?”, “Where did this thought come from?”, “Why is there this pattern and not that?”, “Why any pattern?” This needs to be done in way that doesn’t get confusing, which is also part of wisdom. If you really don’t understand the questioning process, you can end up seriously neutralizing yourself. That’s the paradox of the whole thing. Instead of going deeper, you become confused.

Wisdom also requires enough of an anchor in the deeper truth that you’re not afraid to go beyond normalcy and beyond the comfort zone of the politically correct and to ask the questions in a way that help you to wake up rather than to nullify yourself. This is very important. Many people begin to become confused when they start to ask these questions of themselves and they block themselves. Wisdom is knowing the appropriate questions that take you into higher awareness. That wisdom requires a bigger mind. Ultimately it requires the ability to go beyond our mind, and our anchor then becomes beyond the mind. It gives us perspective of the mind and then our probing of that. Without that, when our mind gets cut off from the Divine, everything gets confused. Everything becomes relative and as we see in our society today there is a general breakdown because there is no grounding to the process.

So may everybody be blessed with this multi-level wisdom that is our heritage and hopefully our activated destiny.  Amen.