Week 3: The Modern Living Essene Way

The Modern Living Essene Way, with its foundation in the perennial liberation wisdom teachings going back to Enoch, and perhaps even Adam, is not a religion. It is a way of life grounded by ancient and basic principles that can guide us to creating the Sevenfold Path of Peace in our lives, and on the living planet. The Essenes, like the Sufis, were the mystics of their respective traditions. According to oral tradition, they actually pre- ceded these religions. It is possible that the ancient Sufi and Essene teachings have the same pre-Noachide source.

The modern Essenes represent, in the outer circles, an archetype of at least a plant-source-only and perhaps live-food diet—and for the inner circle, a liberation lifestyle of creating peace on every level by being peace on every level. Their communities were a crossroads for the mystics of many traditions to pass through, as well as being the historical birth energy and training ground/community consciousness in which Jesus, his brother James, and John the Baptist were raised. The point is that the Essenes represent an archetypical energy that is at the core of some of the great religions and wisdom traditions. It is the energy of the Culture of Life and Liberation in which the immanent and transcendent God awareness is the center focus of one’s life.

The Essene Way is a way of liberation that goes beyond egocentric or ethnocentric to a world and cosmic-centric view. As we return to this core of ancient perennial wisdom, we can become inspired, no matter what our current religion, to begin living a lifestyle that creates peace on every level. One can live as an Essene no matter what one’s religious preference. The Essenes represent a universal archetypical consciousness that can be lived in any context and not necessarily joined. If enough people choose to live this way, we can create an ever-widening circle of light and love among the cultures and religions of this world that will bring world peace.

Annual Living Essene Gathering