Week 1-The Consciousness of the Essenes

Today, the world urgently needs bridges of unity between the world’s religions, especially for brothers and sisters of Jewish and Christian back- grounds, if we are to create jointly the conditions necessary to usher in the Messianic Age. To achieve this holy state, we need to embrace the perennial truth of all paths: The Divine Presence is the essence of who we truly are. When we are blessed by this consciousness, known as deveikut in the Living Essene Way, we are living the Truth of all religions. From this Truth, which is our natural, awakened state, we begin to emanate spontaneously the non-causal love, peace, contentment, oneness, and joy so many spiritual aspirants seek.
The Essene consciousness is that of the Awakened Ones. They are the ones who live in the Eternal Presence beyond the confines of the identification with the mind and body (deveikut/enlightenment). Essene consciousness of deveikut, cleaving to God (Yah), implies constantly communing with the Divine as an intense, overwhelming consciousness of Ein Sof – the unmanifest as the underlying reality bridging into the manifest. It’s a comprehensive principle that relates to all that we are and do in the manifest world. It is experiencing the Divine Presence in oneself and in all life. All life includes the four Shamanic Essene categories: domem or rock people; tsmeach or sprouting people (plants or trees); chayyah or animated ones (animals, fish, whales, dolphins, insects, etc.); and m’daber or speaking ones with history (humans).
Our Living Essene Way doesn’t attempt to slavishly imitate what we think the Ancient Essenes were and did. No historian can describe accurately what the various ancient Essene groups did on a day-to-day basis, but we do have significant knowledge of their historical and spiritual contexts from which we can discern their fundamental spiritual path.
To call oneself an Essene requires a person to align with the core of the historical Essene way as it has been lived from the beginning of time, yet also, to make it appropriate to our 21st century lives. The Living Essene Way is about inspiration, not judgment; and it is about motivating ourselves, and motivating others to live in the greatest degree of peace and harmony with self, humanity, plant and animal life, the planetary ecology, and the Divine will.

Annual Living Essene Gathering