We Are Powered by the Source of the Universe

The merging of the heavens and the earth is the work that needs to be done. It is a lie to say that we only exist in the heavens and it is a lie to say that we are only materialistic. The power comes when you realize we are indeed multidimensional beings. And indeed, we operate on all of these levels. Most of the time we are doing it unconsciously. Part of the work here at the Tree is to help you to realize that you are a walker between worlds; particularly, your own worlds. We are operating on all of those levels.

We talk about the heavens and the real power is when you realize these are within yourselves, and this is where we access the deep mysteries of the mind. We are never really outside of ourselves but in the multiple worlds within. How do we access that? Where does the power come from? It is within the deep subconscious that we connect with the power of God.

The ability to connect with the power of God is what distinguishes us from the Dark Side. This is where the people of light have a huge advantage; we are powered by the Source of the universe. People ask why the dark side is always after the light. This is because the dark side cannot fully access the light. That ability has been diminished.

They can do occult things but they have to draw the power from the people of light. This is not done for economic gain, as some may think, it is for the light of your soul (in Hebrew we say nefesh), which is the fuel that the dark side lives off of. That is really what the deep struggle is about. If you can enslave the people of the light you can in a sense farm them. I’m not just referring to human beings. It’s a bigger issue than that.

Without going into the details of the reality of that, it is an inter-galactic issue. When we are consciously aware of our power that connects us to the Divine, it protects us. It’s not like you have to be afraid of anything. Because when you are connected to name of the Divine and are able to repeat that, the dark side cannot really penetrate that. When you are really connected with the Divine, the power of your light is such that your field cannot really be penetrated either. That is a different kind of power.

The good news for the dark side is when there is exposure to enough of the light, if people are ready they can begin to open up to contact with the truth and give up being a people of the lie. It is always accessible but it takes a lot to break through. You are not condemned but there has to be a change agent in you. So our work as light-workers is not just sharing the light but creating a space where people who are not usually in touch with it can begin to get in touch and directly access it themselves. Then there is no longer any need to get the light in an upside-down, backwards way. There is a little bit more to it because the light is always about the opportunity to access the light.

So as we go about our work, we are not proselytizing. We are creating light by being light. We are creating peace by being peace. That way we are able to share and if people are ready they can become empowered to share their light. It spreads that way. Serving to help others to connect to the truth is a powerful struggle but it is well worth it.

At the same time, we don’t want to do anything to minimize our own ability to do that. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed trying to help people. But by staying within your own power, over time, you can consistently share according to your role.

You can help others to move into the light. This is beyond religion. This is the essence of the work here. If you can access the inner light you feel full. You feel at peace. It’s your natural human state. This is beyond all the religious doctrines.

Being able to access this and help others to do the same is a great good deed, so to speak. In the cosmic power- struggle we defeat in the darkness by transforming the darkness by giving them what they really wanted all along – the non-causal joy, peace, love, and oneness of the light.

May everybody be blessed with this.