Volunteer Opportunities (Seva)

The Tree of Life is both a holistic healing, humanitarian, spiritual center that teaches a holistic vegan way of life, and it is also an intense setting for spiritual practice and growth for staff, sevas, as well as guests under the spiritual support and guidance of Spiritual Master Gabriel Cousens.
The Seva position within the Tree of Life plant-source only, live-food, spiritual community can be an spiritual journey of commitment, intimacy, and transformation. Seva means “selfless service” and is an opportunity to engage in karma yoga (“discipline of action”) in the context of a spiritual community setting.

The Vision Of The Tree Of Life

Our vision is to create a living experience of the meaning of sustainable, healthy living for the individual and the planet.  This means providing people with a direct experience of what it means to live a life that is healing both to themselves and to the planet, on all levels, from the agricultural interests of our society to personal health, emotional health, and spiritual health.  We offer this so that people can know that such an existence is real and can experience the joy of living that way.  In essence, each person has a deep yearning to live a life of “awakened normality”.  The Tree of Life is an oasis for awakening.

The Tree of Life is actively involved in establishing and operating a number of humanitarian and health projects in the United States and around the world.  All our projects are designed for the healing of the planet…from the personal to the ecological and to the spiritual.  Presently there are a number of projects in which we are actively engaged. They include:

1. Transforming the health and humanitarian awareness both on the personal and global levels through leading-edge work on the art and science of rejuvenating health and wellbeing.  We are acting as an inspirational training center for people around the world by helping them directly experience the joy of health, harmony, and rejuvenation, and helping them takes it back to their own countries.

2. In his book, There is a Cure for Diabetes, Gabriel Cousens, M.D. M.D.(H), established that diabetes can be reversed naturally.  The Tree of Life has a Diabetes Recovery Program.

3. The Tree of Life has developed a sustainable vegan garden, designed to be totally solar as we expand our large-scale infrastructure.  It offers an ecology experience to its world visitors as a working model for what can be done in their countries to maintain and protect the ecology.

4. We have a highly recognized program in nutrition and food preparation also attended by students from around the world.  Most students go on to teach health and lifestyle and start plant-source-only restaurants around the globe.

5. Training, self-empowerment courses, family life, psycho-spiritual healing, food preparation, and detox and spiritual healing are offered for increasing the quality of life and healthy functioning of families and couples.  We emphasize a family-centered approach to health.

6. Since 1985 we have sponsored quarterly peace meditations throughout the U.S. and Europe, called Peace 21. Dr. Cousens also started the Peace Everyday Initiative to create peace, which is now practiced by over 192 organizations around the world.

7. We have laid the groundwork to begin programs in helping and teach Native Americans in every tribe throughout the U.S. how to heal diabetes naturally and to eliminate it as a predatory disease in their society.

If you have a resonance with our mission and have a strong desire to offer your service and support, please continue…

Who Should Apply

  • Those seriously interested in deepening their spiritual life in an ashram (spiritual community) environment, and who embrace the commitments of the Seva Program, which requires all participants to attend all morning and evening meditations and all yoga/qigong classes.
  • Those who are already healthy and happy.
  •  Those capable of year-round outdoor physical work.
  •  Those who have been vegetarian for at least six months and 70% raw plant-source-only for two months (minimum) prior to arrival.  A live food plant-source-only diet, which is offered at the Tree of Life is very purifying.  If you have not detoxed prior to arrival you most likely will feel the effects of detox very quickly.  This will likely result in lost time and require attention that we are not prepared to offer as part of this program.
  • Those who are free of all drugs for at least six months.

  • Those who have handled all their personal business so that they are free to focus upon and fully participate in the Tree of Life culture without interruption.

  •  Those with a positive outlook and who can work enthusiastically and harmoniously in a team setting or independently.
  • Those who have a good work ethic, can arrive on time, work their full schedule, and follow directions.

  • Those who have financial reserves to support themselves for the tenure of their commitment.

What You Bring

  • Time commitment of three months minimum.

  • Commitment to a 35-hour work week under the direction of the Seva Program.

  • A strong work ethic.  Show up on time and work a full shift five days per week.

  • While meals and lodging is provided free for all sevas, we recommend you bring money for transportation from and to the airport ($85 each way), as well as spending money for while you are here. You may wish to purchase items from Dr. Cousens’ retail store (superfoods, supplements, etc.), or you may wish to visit Red Mountain Foods in town, where a variety of health foods and produce are available.

  • Commitment to a 100% vegan and 80% (minimum) live food diet.

  • Commitment to a zero-tolerance, drug-free environment.

  • Come healthy and happy.  This is not a program for a person who is trying to heal.  This is not a time for fasting or intensive healing programs.

  • Health and stamina for menial and often times physically labor intensive jobs.

  • Prepared to participate by bringing your highest energy and service.

  • Enthusiasm to fulfill the spiritual commitment of the seva program, which requires all seva participants to attend all morning and evening meditations offered and all yoga/qigong classes offered.

What We Bring

  • Three sumptuous live vegan meals lovingly prepared each day at our café, except Sat. and Sun., when the café serves two meals—brunch (includes dessert) and dinner.

  • Dormitory-style lodging. We offer free accommodations to sevas in our dormitory for the duration of their commitment. All sevas are housed in the same building—our seva dormitory. Within this dormitory structure, men’s and women’s lodging are separated by separate rooms (women share a room with other women; men share a room with other men).

  • All facilities normally available to staff free of charge during off time and when not in use by TOL guests.  Spa and workshops are at your own expense.

  • Evening programs including meditation, satsang, and shaktipat (kundalini awakening) with Dr. Cousens when he is here.

  • Kirtan (Devotional Chanting)

  • New Moon Inipi (Native American Sweat Lodge) (if offered during your stay)

  • Hot tubs

  • Far Infa-red sauna

  • Yoga or other movement classes

  • Good company

  • All programs on our campus available to our regular staff—some at no cost.

  • An opportunity to fully immerse yourself in an open-hearted and loving community dedicated to the uplifting of the consciousness of the planet.


We offer seva positions in the areas our organizational needs, including garden and maintenance. If you would like to be considered for such a position, we would love to hear from you.  When a position becomes available, we always go first to our applications on file.  Please note that the seva program does not offer positions in our kitchen.  If this is your area of interest, you should explore our Cafe Apprenticeship Program.

We do not respond to phone calls or emails unless we have your complete application on file. We very much appreciate your interest in the mission of the Tree of Life and our Seva Program.

How To Apply

If after carefully reviewing the program offering you feel moved and qualified to respond please follow the instructions below. Only applications with all three of the required components will be considered.

  • Please read the Community Handbook and other documents listed at the top right of this page. The contents of which will apply to anyone accepted into the Work/Trade(SEVA) Program.
  • State the period of your commitment and preferred dates.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the administrator of the Work/Trade (Seva) Program. Incomplete applications will not be considered!

Please note that our facility is not pet friendly. For the health, safety, and comfort of our guests and your pet, we cannot allow pets.

Please review the following before applying:

Please click on the links below to get started! You MUST fill out BOTH applications to be considered.

Program Application

Health Intake Application