Unique Self Dialogues

Dear Friends,

I’m writing today to let you know that I’m doing a free dialog next week with a truly extraordinary person, my friend Dr. Marc Gafni, about the life-changing ideas contained in his award-winning new book, Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.

On Tuesday, January 29 at 6pm PT (9pm ET), Marc and I will explore “Classical Enlightenment and Living Your Unique Self”.

I hope you will join me. Click here to reserve your place.

Many of you will greatly appreciate reading this book, which will help you appreciate our dialogue. You can order it from Amazon right now by clicking this link.

Here are a couple of the topics covered in the book and that we will touch on in the free dialog next week:

  • What is Unique Self?
  • How the emergent spirituality of Unique Self powerfully integrates the classical enlightenment traditions from the East and West—and unlocks the deepest potency of each

Your Unique Self discusses how to dis-identify with the false self (the ego) and awaken to your true identity, one that is truly infinite. In this context, as I teach in myZero Point course, once we no longer think we are our ego, then we can more appropriately use it to actualize our dharma – our unique expression in the world.

It is one of my main teachings that in the enlightenment process we become fully human and fully alive as multi-dimensional, holistic, unique expressions of the Divine. In the evolving process of whatever level we are at, the natural healthy human qualities of non-causal love, non-causal peace, non-causal ecstasy, non-causal compassion, non-causal oneness, non-causal contentment begin to be experienced in our hearts, and we begin to express more and more as sovereign, unique beings becoming our unique “sacred design” (unique self).

As the Tao Te Ching eloquently states in chapter 22: “Only in being lived by the Tao can you be truly yourself.”

We become empowered as the flower breaking through the cement of the forces of limitation and fear. We are all born originals, but most people succumb to the forces of unconsciousness, and die copies. You do not have to die as a copy. Our dialogue will be about this.

In the Torah, as I point out in Torah As a Guide to Enlightenment, this teaching of the “unique Self” is specifically emphasized when we are told about “the God of Avraham”, “the God of Yitzhak”, and “the God of Yakov”. Each had his own unique worldly expression and relationship with God.

In the yoga tradition, it is less directly referred to as svarupa – the natural way to liberation. But all the truly liberated beings I have known, such as Swami Muktananda, Swami Prakashananda, Nityananda, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Sri Sri Rama Krishna, Ramana Maharshi, and Sai Baba of Shirdi (who died in 1918), exhibited the expression of the unique Self. It was simply not emphasized.

Like all of these qualities of the stable enlightenment state, they begin to manifest long before steady state enlightenment. For example, how many people (including yourself) have had moments of expanded universal love or a sense of universal oneness, or complete contentment?

Although these moments often come as grace, the Six Foundations and specifically focusing on enhancing them (in the same way that a Buddhist focuses on compassion to nourish this quality) makes these experiences permanently internal. It is for this reason that our dialogue on the unique self is important. Deepening these qualities does not mean one is fully enlightened, but rather enhances the enlightenment process. As I continually teach – You cannot eat your way to God; nor can you technique your way by any means.

Although this is not a new teaching, this book by Dr. Marc Gafni is a brilliant discussion of this enlightenment quality. The good news is that one does not need to be enlightened to begin this process.

You are invited to join me in this conversation with Marc on Tuesday, January 29 at 6pm PT (9pm ET). 

In love and respect to the joy and ecstasy of your awakening process,

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD