Understanding the Results

There is wisdom in understanding the results of our actions; and, furthermore, that understanding is vital in life. This understanding is connected to the purpose of why we were incarnated, which is to become liberated. It is as simple as that. When you’re in wisdom it is different than when you are in your mind, thinking about various things, missions to accomplish. Are you being politically correct, etcetera? Ultimately, none of that matters. Wisdom is knowing that what matters is discovering how you can live in a way that takes you to liberation – that is the great wisdom.

To a certain extent, everyone in this room has chosen to live in a way that supports the liberation process. The yogic term for this way of life is Sanatana Dharma. This includes sadhana of doing the practices or good works; mantra repetition; and devotion to God, and also achdut (direct apperception of the Truth). In essence, mantra is a repetition of the name of God and opening one’s heart to God.

The yogic, Taoist, and Torah paths all talk about the direct awakening. In the Torah tradition, which I call the Great Torah Way, there are three levels of sadhana. These are: 1) doing good works or mitzvot; 2) devotion to God (or bhakti) resulting in hamtaka, the sweetness of the Divine; 3) and, ultimately, achdut, or cosmic oneness. In the yogic and Torah paths the three components, and perhaps in general, are actually the same: shiva upaya; mantra upaya; and ani upaya.
This is part of it. Another question is how do you choose to live in a way that is going to lead to liberation? How did you get here? How did you arrive at this point? What happened? Why did so few of your friends choose to be here, and yet you did? What is going on with you that you would not only choose to be here but to choose a life that takes you in the direction of God-merging? Certainly there is some wisdom involved, but is there more to that? Is there a destiny? Is there some internal program that’s been activated? From my perspective, prior to the Freudian death urge or the sex urge is the Divine Urge. That is the deepest, most primordial instinctual program. When that is activated within a person a certain wisdom emerges that take us to the ultimate point of why we incarnate. When we look at that we might ask, is this wisdom or have we been guided? What happened here? Why would we have such good fortune to even think that this is the point of life? Why have we been imbued with the courage to be different from most everyone else?

There is also wisdom in actually staying with that. There are so many choices. The dark side presents us with a sadomasochistic reality, such as the cultural phenomena of Fifty Shades of Grey. This is but one example. There are many things that are attracting people. What possesses people here to have the wisdom to know that those darkside options are not exactly the right direction to head in to wake up? That is a very special blessing. The wisdom of liberation is about honoring that blessing. It is an honoring of the gift we’ve been given of our internal program. This is our internal homing device. It takes us back to the real home, which is the Truth. The wisdom is consciously doing everything we can to support that gift.

In my own experience, ever since I was four years old, I never really thought about what was inspiring me. It was simply the way it was. I can’t claim wisdom here. All I can say is that I had a little courage to follow it, but I cannot say that I really thought it through. There were different stages at different ages, such as visions of the Essenes at the age of eight, or going into deep meditation when playing football in college. None of these were from my own immediate wisdom. This is just what was happening. The only wisdom I can claim is having the courage to follow the inner direction that was pointing that way. There are many people who lack this courage because it makes them appear a bit different or strange. This is why many choose not to follow their God-given inner inspiration.

There is wisdom in the choice to follow the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace; to see where it leads. Underneath that there is something non-logical that is guiding people to choose to go in that direction even if we may not want to acknowledge that initially. We have all of those levels of wisdom and at some point, we have to make the choice to go for it. This is not the point of liberation. This is prior to that. It is a point where the sword hangs above us and we choose to take the sword and cut the bonds of all of our programming, the social programs, etc. that are designed to keep us from choosing the Truth. The world doesn’t exactly reward you for this, but somewhere along the line everyone has to make that decision. Usually with that is a certain amount of free will that comes with that. This was exemplified by Moshe who walked up the mountain into the unknown. His walk was into a cosmic God power that was more than anyone else could handle. He encountered a cosmic sound that was beyond understanding. He still just did it. This is the wisdom to jump into the unknown because somehow you know that it is the right direction. This called ometz – spiritual courage. Everyone has to pull together enough spiritual courage to make that decision, at some point on their journey; that’s the great wisdom. Once you make that that decision it gets easier and easier to make wise choices toward the light as things unfold. The more you choose that direction the more energy you have behind you to go in that direction.

May everybody be blessed with staying with that wisdom and having the wisdom to make that choice. Amen.