Type 1 Diabetes Program

Type 1 Diabetes

In 2015, it was estimated that 415 million people around the world have diabetes. Of this total, about five percent of this population are Type 1. The primary cause of Type 1 is an inflammatory response from an autoimmune reaction from antibodies being made against the beta cells. The beta cells store and release insulin into the body as needed.

There are also certain viruses that seem to attack and destroy the pancreatic beta cells directly, rather than through an autoimmune reaction. Mumps, prior to the onset of diabetes, was found in 42.5 percent of the subjects versus 12.5 percent in the control group.

Additionally, a significant correlation between antibodies to cow’s milk protein, and Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Some studies have found somewhere between 75 to 90 percent of the cases of Type-1’s have antibodies against the beta cells of the pancreas. Cow’s milk seems to be strongly linked to the onset of Type 1.

Type 1’s need insulin either continually infused through an insulin pump or by injections. Balancing blood sugar levels involves evaluating blood sugar readings, carbs on the menu, insulin already on board and exercise. Stress and illness can also influence blood sugar levels, generally making them higher.

Incorrect insulin injection estimates can often result in hyperglycemia, when the blood sugar is too high, and hypoglycemia, when the blood sugar drops to low. In the event that either one of these events happens, medical attention is often necessary.

Because of these reasons, and since the Tree of Life Center is not a medical facility, previously Type 1 diabetics have not been accepted into programs. Recently a on-site Type 1 Educational Program consisting of the Zero Point Intensive, Conscious Eating and Expanding Culinary joy, are now open to Type 1’s.

Type 1 Diabetes Educational Courses: 

Zero Point Intensive – led by Dr. Cousens at the Tree of Life Center US is a powerful technique used to break the mind of toxic thought patterns. It is a tool that enables you to free yourself of old habits, addictions, and cycles within your life that may have been contributing to or holding you back from progressing spiritually.  During this course, learn how to enter a state where consciousness controls the mind rather than the mind controlling consciousness. The Zero Point Process allows the opening of the mind, allowing one to live freely in the world without expectations or hopes, and is considered a complete emotional and mental detoxification.

Conscious Eating – A Tree of Life Café Chef will teach you about the important tools in a raw food kitchen, and share techniques that help you put together meals simply at home. You will get a recipe book, Q & A time and hands on training to help make your raw food diet a success!

Expanding Culinary Joy – This course will build your raw food skills and recipe book even more. Expand skills and knowledge about raw food and its preparation, you’ll feel comfortable enough to create a tasty, nutritious meal for family and friends.

NOTE: Type 1 Diabetics attending the Zero Point, Conscious Eating and/or Expanding Culinary Joy programs will be responsible to regulate their own insulin and blood sugars accordingly. In general, the need for insulin may go down 25 to 30% on our live food moderate low carb cuisine. We are not an emergency medical facility and we do not have resources to take care of hypoglycemic shock or diabetic ketoacidosis. If this occurs an ambulance will be called and you will be responsible for the charges. Insulin is not available on site, but meters are available to purchase.

To find out more, please call: 520-233-7010