When you look at the world today, you can’t help but notice that there are very few people living in the truth. We can blame it on the politicians, but the politicians reflect the population. Living in the truth doesn’t mean you have to be enlightened. It’s more about living in integrity with the best you can in terms of an inner truth. The more you meditate and do the Six Foundations, the more you are in touch with the inner truth. It is  just what happens. Then living in the truth, which is not about any ideas, concepts, religion, or belief systems, is something that is prior to all of that. In essence, to live in the truth is to live as the flow of the Divine. The single statement that comes closest to this is perhaps the Tao.

To live in the truth you must first have that inner connection and that inner flow, otherwise it’s just a theory. When you are living the inner experience of the inner truth through the process of meditation and the other foundations, that is only part of the story. When you have access to the inner truth, there is the power of authenticity and holiness in your actions that begins to emerge. This doesn’t mean that you don’t make mistakes, for this is not the point. The truth doesn’t necessarily mean you are right on the outer plane. The truth is living in a way that all actions bring sanctification to the world and to yourself. It’s a form of consciousness and of holiness. It’s the reflection of the soul and of that truth into the outer plane of outer actions.  That takes more than a little consciousness.

It means truly questioning yourself, not obsessively, but asking the questions, “What am I doing?” and  “Am I living in the authenticity of the deeper truth?” When you are eating, are you eating in authenticity? When you are meditating are you really present? When you’re walking around are you in authenticity? This is not quite the same as observation. It is living in the flow of the moment, because you are connected to it. In that way it comes closest to the Tao, which is based on direct knowing and in essence, being at one with the Divine will as it flows through you.

It is living in surrender to that Divine truth in alignment with all of creation. That is different than morality. It is different than ethics. It is being in alignment with the essence of who we are in relationship to the flow of creation. Again, that takes a lot of conscious work and much awareness and sensitivity.

There was once a famous rabbi in the early 1800’s, known as the Kotzker Rabbi. He didn’t write any books, yet his message was, “Only the Truth”. It was so strong within that eventually he had little orientation with the world and he basically stayed in his room or in a cave. He saw that people just didn’t have the ability to live in the truth. This was his weakness in a way, but his intent was very clear. Anyone who was really involved in a spiritual practice with him was forced to look at every action, if it was really the expression of truthful integrity. This is a very big challenge. It’s a key expression of the spiritual path.

It isn’t intellectual. It is a way of being in the world that comes after you’ve had the inner awareness. At the same time, not having awareness is not an excuse for not living in the truth the best you can. It’s a bit of a paradox.

In the world today, where much of the world is not able to hold that understanding, one has to be very thoughtful. It can be difficult to stay in integrity because not everyone is playing the same game. It involves an interface. It involves living in settings where you are going to be more supported and living in the truth without all of our pretenses. Maybe the most clear guidelines for this is to have the self-examination of every action to see if it’s aligned with your inner awareness of the truth, with the morals, ethics, and spiritual teachings, of the last 6,000 years, and of the great scriptures. This provides us with a rudder. Without that level of rudder, we can make up whatever we want. This is of course, what we’re seeing today and people are getting self-righteous about it, yet are not in touch with their souls.

It cannot be morals and ethics that we just pull out of the air. It needs to be linked with something. We are also talking about the inner flow of our own personal connection to the way of God unfolding. It’s very subtle. We do need an anchor because you may be in the flow and yet completely out of touch. It’s not so overtly obvious but it’s a heroic spiritual effort to try to live in the truth. As we do this, we get closer and closer to living the truth more and more.

May everybody be blessed that we are able to have the strength to live in the truth in every moment. Amen.