Travels – December 2013

With each journey the mission grows stronger as new steps are taken based on the strong foundation that has been created.

In Israel we had the biggest fast we have ever done with 93 people. It was activated by the power of the Yam Hamelach (Dead Sea). Twenty-eight people from 13 different nations attended as well as Israelis. The spiritual potency was activated and almost all had a Kundalini awakening.

Most interesting were the diabetic results. We had 12 diabetics. All had unusual drops in their fasting blood sugars. Eleven dropped to the low 70’s some even went as low as 40 without insulin. The one person who did not break 100 dropped 220 points in the week long fast, but started at 340. I cannot explain the extraordinary drop in the fasting blood sugar, as this did not happen before when we were at the Dead Sea. My theory is that we have created a powerful thought form/morphogenic field that has been activated in Israel at the Dead Sea.

Outside of the fast I gave two lectures. I lectured at the Reidman Holistic Medicine College, which is the biggest naturopathic school in Israel with campuses all over Israel. This lecture was at the Jerusalem campus. I also gave a talk at the Spiritual Cinema on live food veganism and enduring radiant health. In previous visits I gave a lecture to 400 people at Eat Well, where I will be doing a series of lectures in the coming years. It is the biggest nutrition forum in Israel.

Perhaps the most important part of the trip was the mystical work we did for peace in the Middle East. This included a unique sunrise gathering. The next part of this agenda has been laid in place for 5 Shabbats in a row with the end result being 100,000 people minimum, comprising the full spectrum of Israeli society for the activation of the blessings of Yitzhak to Yaakov. Although I have the explicit support of key rabbis and the secular we have not set the exact date for the 5-week cycle, but it will be between Passover and Shavuot in the spring. This will be very powerful and bring abundance and peace to the whole Middle East.

Many other good things happened as well.

In Cameroon, due to the previous work of Dr. John Arnold, my 20-year friend from Patagonia and the international leader of PPEP, the week’s activities went extremely well. In a non-stop tour throughout Cameroon we gave 4 lectures. Screened over 600 people for diabetes and set up a full infrastructure for the prevention and healing of diabetes in two major locations. The four lectures were given to an average of 400 to 600 people each. A special relationship with the local King (Fon) and his eight wives in Bimendi was established.

We set up a Tree of Life Foundation Center in Limbe and two diabetes prevention teams – one in Limbe and the other in Bimendi. I was able to train these two teams for both the screening and prevention of diabetes. The plan is to establish ongoing support groups of a total of 200 people in each area, who are either pre-diabetic or diabetic. Part of this plan is to educate farmers in the Bimendi area who can grow organic, veganic food to supply food for the diabetic and pre-diabetics. Four of these farmers were interviewed and selected to attend the TOLF Masters Program in Sustainable Veganic Gardening and to then return as teachers to Cameroon. Our first graduate of our 6-month Café Apprentice Program,

Paul, was an important part of this immediate trip and he will be staying in Cameroon to co-lead our new TOLF Center there. He is doing a great job in providing the phase one nutrition training to staff and interested people as well as teaching meditation and yoga. I also gave shaktipat to many of the core people as well as the king and a few of the queens. In this way we then create a sustainable and independent local food and healing system. This will be the premier model for Africa and possibly for the world. It is a complete holistic approach. It has the support of the local leaders including the Fon (king). The work in Cameroon was non-stop and right on target. The work is also supported by WARES, West African Rural Empowerment Society, an NGO that we have created to serve the area.

This is at least a 2-3 year project before we take it to all of West Africa and Ethiopia.

We also empowered the Limbe Diabetic Sewing Center there after having some difficulties when all their sewing machines were stolen.  I did a ribbon cutting ceremony for opening up the new  resurrected center as well as a ribbon cutting ceremony for one of our micro-loan businesses in Bimendi. Any funds to support this work would be much appreciated. Along with this, we are working with the Limbe Anti-Diabetic Group in helping them set up a center with a physical location to be a  training and screening center for the Limbe population.

It was a blessing to connect so well with so many aspects to the Cameroon society.

In service to God through holistic world peace and health,

Rav Gabriel Cousens, M.D.