There is Only God

In Hebrew we say, Ayn Zulato. This means, There is only God. That is a worldview. I’m not talking about a religious view, but a worldview. How is that a worldview? It is seeing God in all things, in all actions, in all people, in all animals, and in all plants on the planet. It is seeing the Divine in the dark as well as the light. It is a non-dualistic point of view. It is the oneness. It is a way of seeing your light.
Ayn Zulato is a way of seeing the Divine in every interaction, whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable. We tend to think it is when things are smooth, and, when things are a little bumpy or difficult, that can’t be it. We make the Divine Presence conditional. Yet when we make it conditional, we create idolatry, because we think God is only this way but not that way. It is very important to see and generate the experience of the Divine in each moment. It is there already, but do we see it? Do we interact with whatever is happening in that way? That is the key idea. That is the key practice. You can go deep into meditation and be in oneness, but that is only the beginning stage of the bigger picture.
The big picture is multidimensional awareness – seeing God in all the planes. We call it sahaja samadhi – walking around continually experiencing the Divine within yourself. In this dualistic world, we choose to act or not to act dualistically according to the situation. God is both dual and non-dual, as well as prior to the Nothing. The essential deepest and most simple way of understanding spiritual life is the ability, spiritual sensitivity, and spiritual awareness to witness in the moment the presence of the Divine.
That is not easy for most people. We want to polarize. Idolatry does not merely mean worshipping a golden calf. To refrain from idolatry means to see God in all things equally. This person or that person is no more God than this person or that thing over here. On one level, this is equality consciousness. If we say that God is only love, this is a form of idolatry as well. It is taking one quality of the Divine and saying that is what God is. Instead, I’m talking about a level of awareness that experiences the Divine Presence in every moment without judging this is so or this is not so.
Our society is in such duality that it is hard to see the oneness. As I speak to you, however, I am speaking to a spiritual principle. We are seeing and amplifying the experience of God in all creation. This is the key teaching here. God is everywhere, in every instant, no matter what is going on.
In the 1970’s, as I was going deeper and deeper into these states I agreed to take our children to an amusement park. We were getting onto the roller coaster and I thought, “This will be interesting. How do I keep this remembrance while we are on this ride with two screaming kids, and everyone else screaming?” I succeeded by repeating The Name. Repeating The Name helps us to remember. The use of The Name is powerful. It was a very nice, wild, rollercoaster ride.
The awareness has to be everywhere, all the time; not just sitting at evening program or in group mediation, but everywhere, at all times, in all ways. This happens for athletes sometimes. I experienced this playing football, one of the least likely places one might expect it. Going into the zone, it is all one. My team, the other team, everyone is one. That is reality, and it truly is reality. When you’re in that zone, and you’re in that experience, there is only God. So what if you’re banging heads in football? It doesn’t matter. You are all one. This is sahaja samadhi.
Awareness of the Divine Presence is not intellectual. It comes from within and permeates how one experiences the world in every moment. In time, more and more of the world will get there and will be less interested in the excitement of duality. The world may be caught up in the conflict. There is some excitement there, but there isn’t much truth. There is not much truth in duality. It exists as a plane of perception, but not as a plane of truth.
Ayn Zulato awareness infiltrates our interactions, our sacred relationships, and into our everyday relationships. It comes into our interactions with the animal world. If one sees the oneness, then it is natural to be vegan. We become resonant with the living network of life on the planet. We see oil as the earth’s blood. When we extract oil, we are literally sucking the blood of the earth. This Native American way of thinking has value. When we mine uranium, we are taking the bones of the planet. This awareness affects how we see things. We begin to see the oneness and the unity as a unified expression of the Divine. We are part of that; we are not stewards.
We are one with the living planet. We are one with the expression of the Divine. This perception truly changes our experience of life. In this way, we invoke the Divine in every moment, and everything we do sanctifies the Divine. Everything we do brings holiness to the moment.
May everyone be blessed to live in this conscious way that sanctifies each moment and brings holiness to light.