There a CURE for Type 2 Diabetes

“If you have diabetes and you want to lose weight, the Tree of Life Center is the place“, Rey C., who had his type 2 diabetes reversed during the 21-Day Program at the Tree of Life.

At some point in time you have probably heard that diabetes has no cure, just the possibilities of a variety of complications. This is an old belief system backed by many medical professionals and pharmaceuticals who band aid this disease.

However, Dr. Cousens has developed the knowledge, clinical know-how, and experience to completely reverse Type-2 diabetes naturally at the Tree of Life Center. “All that is needed is to let go of our belief that diabetes cannot be reversed – then we are free to cultivate the understanding of what is possible”, Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Since the 1920’s, live-food nutrition has been used to heal diabetes naturally since Dr. Max Gerson healed Dr. Albert Schweitzer of his Type-2 diabetes using this diet. Plant-based live-food nutrition worked then, and it still works today.

In his book There is a Cure for Diabetes – Revised Edition Dr. Cousens writes:

Doing a study of 120+ diabetics at the Tree of Life has provided me with deeper insights into what I now call a “chronic degenerative diabetes syndrome” (CDDS). My clinical experience with these 120 people is that Type-2 diabetes is a curable disease.

Although allopathic teachings label Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes as incurable, my current clinical experience with the last 120 clients is that in 21 days:
• 61% of those with Type-2 non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) are healed*
• 24% of those with Type-2 insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) are healed*
• 97% of Type-2 diabetics are off of all medication within 3 weeks.
• Approximately 31.4% of Type-1 diabetics were off all insulin in three weeks and approximately 21% of Type-1 diabetics were off all insulin with a FBS less than 100.

* Healed means a fasting blood sugar (FBS) of less than 100 and no medications.

In Dr. Cousens recovery program, it is common to see Type 2 diabetics shift from blood sugars of 300-400 while on medication to safe, normal FBSs (fasting blood sugars) and being off all medications including insulin within one to four days.

How is this miracle accomplished? With a relatively low-glycemic 100% live-food cuisine. In this case low-glycemic means 25% to 35% carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are only sprouts, leafy greens, and green vegetables. No beets or carrots. This is called the Phase 1 Diet. Over time the diet can be modified once wellness is achieved.

The diet contains approximately daily 2,000 calories and is specifically designed to upgrade the phenotypic gene expression. All foods are raw. This dietary approach results in turning off the phenotypic diabetic
expression and turning on the antidiabetogenic phenotypic expression.

Why a live-food diet is so successful is that it turns on antiaging genes, anti-inflammatory genes, and theoreti-cally the antidiabetic genes. There is a powerful crossover between the diabetic degenerative gene program and the aging genetic program.

Guests coming to the Tree of Life Center to take part in the TYPE 2 DIABETES RECOVERY PROGRAM continue to success. In addition to the prepared juice and live-food meals served daily, they also partake in the Zero Point and Conscious Eating Program with Dr. Cousens. This is a process that helps undo patterns, addictions, and emotional blocks all the way to liberation. It teaches us how to dissolve thought form memories so that we can live mindfully without interference of memory patterns.

The Conscious Eating program is a comprehensive course based on two of Dr. Cousens books, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine and Conscious Eating that outlines the benefits and preparation of organic raw plant-based foods. Dr. Cousens provides daily lectures covering the importance of conscious eating, the health benefits of low glycemic foods, and renewing your relationship with food. Daily demos and hands-on food preparation will allow you put into practice what you have learned. You will acquire a varied collection of recipes, the tools to prepare them, and the skills to be able to take this into your kitchen.

Type 1 Diabetics are welcome to attend the Zero Point and Conscious Eating programs. Please read the NOTE below.
NOTE: Type 1 Diabetics attending the Zero Point and/or Conscious Eating Programs will be responsible to regulate their insulin and blood sugars accordingly. In general, the insulin need may go down by 25-30% on our live food moderate low carb cuisine. We are not an emergency medical facility and we do not have resources to take care of hypoglycemic shock or diabetic ketoacidosis. If this occurs an ambulance will be called and you will be responsible for the charges. Insulin is not available on site, but meters are available to purchase.

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