The Power of Relationship

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Based on the ‘Sacred Relationships’ teachings given by Dr. Cousens & Shanti all around the world!

There is a power of relationship that helps us get in touch with our soul. In the process of sacred relationship, people face their angels and demons, and love is the rock that helps people overcome their fear of reconnecting with their souls. Love is the driving force that helps one to face their stuff. This includes one’s family patterns, group patterns, and fears of intimacy. Love is our power and pathway to reconnect to one’s soul.

There are different kinds of love. You can have a love for everybody. This is good, but there isn’t any polarity in it. The love in relationship has the power of polarity. The central part of personal relationship is polarity. Without that, there is a driving force that is missing. Within polarity there is love, but there are also bottom lines. There is also trust. Perhaps most important to the polarity that energizes, is to create the space for the other person to blossom. Not on your terms, not in sameness, but in your uniqueness. Polarity that allows people to be their own uniqueness is really what helps people to blossom and to connect with their soul.

Now, when one is in touch with one’s soul one becomes a problem because the society doesn’t really want people to be in touch with their souls. Not every society, but when we look at the fundamentals of socialistic or communist models, they have always failed because they have always been about breaking down the family so that government can control the individuals. Loyalty then is to the government and not to the family. This is a very important concept to understand. An example of this is the present bathroom battles. This isn’t really about a transgender agenda. It is really a much deeper issue. It is about getting rid of polarity, breaking down family, breaking down sacred relationship, and breaking down the driving force that helps one become unique. When one is really in touch with the soul, then they can cut through and see more clearly what is going on in society. One can see through the political correctness mind control attempts and propaganda to affect people’s minds. A person deeply connected to their soul cannot become enslaved. These soulless models failed in the Soviet Union, North Korea, or China, but people continue to try them in a variety of ways. Our society faces these issues today.

The power of sacred relationship is that it is a unique path that helps one to access their soul. This is where the deeper battle line is being drawn. Our work is to understand the value of that polarity and to understand the value of relationship as an evolutionary force as the new frontier and to put a high value on the uniqueness of love that helps one to overcome the fear of intimacy. This helps us to become unique evolutionary individuals. We are all meant to be unique expressions of the Divine, as part of this Divine orchestra. When we see sacred relationship and love as a template for that and the driving force for that, then one begins to honor sacred relationships and the necessary polarity to activate the power of love.  

May everybody be blessed that we have the courage to allow polarity as the driving force for unique individual power of love in relationship, as a path to help us to more deeply connect with our soul.