The Perennial Conflict

Perennially, for the past 6,000 years, someone is always hoping that God will go away. This was the argument between Cain and Able. Cain’s position was that humans are at the center of creation, and there is no need for God. Abel’s position was that there is only God at the center of creation, and the creator is the creation. Cain killed Abel, which immediately resolved the argument; however, Cain was unable to sustain any of his theories, and he himself was killed about eight generations down the line.
Every civilization that has denied the existence of God or removed God from their society has failed. Was Nietzsche right? Is God dead? I don’t think so. We are facing this again in our society. When a society rejects God, dark forces begin to manifest. This is not new. Again, this has been going on for thousands of years. Humanity keeps cycling through in its attempt to prove that the Ultimate Reality is not the ultimate reality.
Humans don’t seem to catch on that there is only God. There is only the one. Without that understanding, society, on one level, fragments. We’re one soul. There is an essential oneness. If you think that we are all individual entities only living one lifetime, you have license to do whatever you want because “this is it”, and this is problematic in terms of society’s survival. We are essentially one. Cosmic evolution is happening, and everybody is moving toward and merging back into the One. This understanding yields a very different perception and experience of life. This is not a religion but, rather, a spiritual awareness that we find in all spiritual traditions. There is a fundamental oneness, and, in that oneness, we differentiate into individual souls; however, we are still one.
In that context, hate, for example, does not work, because hatred is complete separation. If you understand that everyone is connected, you can’t really have that illusion of separation, and its corollary actions. The illusion of separation is acting out in our society, in general, and throughout all of the generations in all their wars and divisions. If people could recognize the Divine in each other, the world would be different. From a prophetic perspective, today’s chaos is creating a situation to help people wake up to their central oneness. We don’t get there without going to the place of seeing the illusion of separation, of seeing the illusion of hatred that destroys the fabric of society.
Ultimately, those who are promoting a Godless society, in which a few elite humans want to take over the world and enslave everyone else mentally and physically, will fail. It has never worked. The biblical story of Nimrod, who was involved in the tower of Babel, says that he was known as the “capturer of souls”. He was quite skillful, and they were really going to defeat God. The illusion that God could be defeated was destroyed when everyone began to babble. Sometimes God needs to emerge with something strange. Nimrod had everyone working to build that tower of Babel. After that was destroyed, and, ultimately, his whole society was destroyed, he was defeated in battle by Esau, the grandson of Abraham. As great as Nimrod was, he was defeated both physically and spiritually.
In the world of Kabbalistic thinking, the group soul that existed before Adam and Cha’vah, has incarnated every 50 years for the past several thousands of years of Jubilee. That was the Abrahamic energy that defeated Nimrod. We don’t want to mess with that messianic energy. Today, in our society, we are being given the wonderful opportunity to choose for the purpose of creating a spiritual bifurcation in the world today. This is the positive side of all the recent conflicts. People are being asked, “Where do your stand in this cosmic play?” “What are you going to do about it?” Those are really deep questions that the Divine is always presenting to us. The world society is being confronted with this.
I raise these questions because this is a perennial dilemma. Humanity always thinks it is smarter than God. We are at this nodal point today. Politically, we can talk about the globalists being Nimrod, and their attempts are to physically, spiritually, and mentally capture the world. This is a plan they have been working on literally since 1550. Elements in the society are being empowered in a unique way, and things are happening. Everything the globalists are doing is creating a backfire. That is not just because there are some smart players on the other side. There is a cosmic event going on. It is out of our control. When we bring back the awareness that there is only God, and we have a choice to see our oneness and interact with each other in a way that doesn’t support enslavement, but, instead, supports the evolution of every person being the spark of the Divine, whose path to liberation we want to support in every way, that changes the discussion. That is the Culture of Life and Liberation.
May everybody be blessed with the awareness that there is a choice.