The One Dominant Force in the World

The world is involved in a power struggle. Of course, it is an illusory power struggle for control and domination, because we are, in fact, never in control. In this high level of delusion, however, people are willing to kill each other in their confusion of asserting power to dominate the world. This has never worked throughout history, and it will never work now or in the future. This is not how the Divine has organized the world. There is only one power. It is the Divine power. It is explicitly set up for this domination to fail. When we talk about a purpose of divine power we are talking about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the individual soul designed to uniquely express its truth. Ultimately, there is only one truth. By expressing your truth I am referring to the truth of your sacred design and to know the truth of God. This is what all of us are meant for.

Everyone has this great dharma to know God. What next? The individualized dharma (or right livelihood) is one’s particular expression that creates the daily challenges and gives support to help them align with the Divine and to evolve spiritually. Those who want to dominate the world are literally clueless to think there is one way for everybody. It is an insult to God that people want to dominate, enslave, and make people act the same way. It was never designed to be that way. This is why there were the 70 nations initially. Each culture is a unique expression – but all are meant to express life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

At every level society tends to put us into a box to serve the political dominators in the name of the good for society rather than to serve your spiritual evolution. The message that we get from the social-domination systems (whether we call it communism, socialism, or some other form of “ism”) is that the state (the right of the politically, economically, or religiously powerful to dominate) is more important than the individual.

The deeper cosmic message is that we are all put on the planet to know God. Creating the optimal interface between the organism of the state and the organism of the individual is part of our evolution. They both have their role. From a cosmic perspective the existence of the state is simply to support the evolution of the individual, not the other way around. Governments, however, try to dominate by asserting that the public agenda has greater importance. The Torah teaching is that there is a balance that creates the highest evolutionary process to our essential life purpose, which is to know God rather than to accumulate wealth and power. Blind submission or the polar opposite, as in hedonistic self-expression, undermines the primary directive to know God. Evolutionary alignment uplifts the planet, society, and the individual. These forces need to be aligned for the evolutionary process to work.

As we search for our own individual expression, we have to be clear enough and empty enough in our own consciousness so that we can tune into that. This is where the Six Foundations for Spiritual Life provide support. These help us to become empty enough to tune in to our individual or even cosmic dharma. Even still, sometimes we can’t tune in. Sometimes it isn’t so specific. Rama Krishna said that if your dharma isn’t very clear, the best thing to do is to take an easy job that supports the overall spiritual picture and to be in an environment that supports your evolution. It isn’t inherent that we have to have a specific, unique, individualized expression. What is inherent is that whatever we do is organized around supporting our awakening to the Divine. That is what is most important. In our daily lives being lived by the Six Foundations supports our spiritual evolution. If something in particular emerges that one feels they should be doing, this is also fine, so long as it is aligned with the bigger Dharma.

One of the things we face in today’s world is that the outer life is becoming more and more meaningless. Without that associative meaning, we are more likely to have people creating meaning out of fanaticism and paradoxically trying to dominate others. When one is so empty of deeper meaning and divine connection within, one can become attracted to the domination of others because the ego, at least, can feel like it is right. The people who have the least amount of faith and divine connection are often those who attempt to dominate others. The external action is a disconnected attempt to make the connection by forcing others to follow your way. When we talk about power, the key is to use one’s own soul-power and one’s healthy ego-power to focus on the divine point of life. If it’s being leaked off into other ways of being that don’t really support this truth, then we are missing the cosmic boat. Unfortunately this includes an increasing majority of the population in the United States and the world. A significant number of people have forgotten what life is about. Part of our role is to help people to wake up to this and thus bring meaning, value, and purpose back into life.

May we be blessed that we are able to do that for ourselves and for everyone else.